Amanda and Ernest

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Santa Monica, California

How We Met

We knew of each other in high school, but he was a couple years older so we didn’t really interact. About a year or so after he had graduated high school, I bumped into him in the parking lot of the local grocery store, we chatted for just a couple of minutes and he drove away. Then finally, a couple months later he messaged me through Facebook and got my number. We went on our first date and it just clicked. We have basically been inseparable ever since!

How They Asked

We are from Newfoundland, Canada but were on vacation in California, since we had been together we have always talked about vacationing there. A couple days in, during labor day weekend, we drove down to Santa Monica. It was the perfect day. We walked the pier, took in the view and relaxed on the beach. The day was coming to an end, people were beginning to pack up their beach bags to hit the highway. We changed out of our swimsuits when Ernest suggested we walk down the beach a little further to watch the sunset. We walked a little way and sat down on the sand and watched the sun start to disappear below the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Santa Monica, California

I suggested we start to head back to the car, but Ernest said he wanted to walk up the beach a little further. So we did, and as we were walking up the beach he began talking about how much he loved me and how much I meant to him. Then we reached this lifeguard hut, people were nearly all gone now and we were alone. That’s when he turned to me and asked me to be his wife. I was so emotional, it was the perfect moment, on the sandy beach in front of the ocean with the sun going down. I wouldn’t change a thing.