Amanda and Erick

How We Met

After grieving the passing of my 7-year old’s father (my son was 1 at the time) I had dedicated my life to raising him and getting my career. I obtained my degree and focused onto building a stable life for my son and I. 5 years onto his passing, I suddenly and unexpectedly received a friend request from Erick through Facebook this was back in 2014. I remember looking into his profile and I realized we had both attended the same high school and that we also had several friends in common. I accepted his request and he messaged me the following day.

For the next 6 months, we communicated every day solely through FB messenger until I felt comfortable in sharing my contact information. Our communication was so great as we could talk about anything. It took me another 6 months to finally give him a chance and agreed to go on our first date. After that first date, I remember coming home that night and realized that there could be a “second chance at life and that I could have this second chance in finding happiness after enduring such a huge grief of losing a loved one. I felt God had taken almost 5 years to allow me to focus on myself, grieve and raise a strong boy. Life was actually giving me this “second chance” at living and making me love again.

how they asked

Our relationship became formal on 04/09/2016. We had decided that for every anniversary of our boyfriend/girlfriend relationship we would take a trip somewhere as we both loved to travel. Our first anniversary (2017) was a trip to New York City along with a short one day trip up to San Francisco, CA.

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