Amanda and Dylan

Amanda's Proposal in Central Park, NY

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Around early November, Dylan and I started talking about taking a trip somewhere. We both agreed on New York, so it was set. We booked a room and bought our plane tickets. Now I just had to make it through Christmas and we left the day after New Years. I was so excited! We planned to visit the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty and all the touristy things while we were there. He also planned a horse and carriage ride through Central Park. Christmas came and went and we couldn’t wait! We arrived in NY around 8 AM on that Monday. It was raining and just all together a nasty day, but we made the best of it. The next day we woke up to rain again, it was 100% chance that day. (The day we were scheduled to take the horse and carriage ride) We had to reschedule for the next night around 6. We went about our day, as usual trying to dodge the rain. The next day we woke up and started our day planning all the activities we could do that day since it wasn’t raining. We visited Wall Street and the 9/11 memorial and went all day long. We got to the hotel around 4 to get ready for our carriage ride.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Central Park, NY

We quickly got ready as we were almost running late and took off running the couple blocks to the entrance to Central Park. We met our driver, Ariel, and immediately he was super nice. He asked to take our picture before we took off, and I was thinking wow he’s really great! So off we went through Central Park! It was freezing but he had a blanket for us to cover up with. He started pointing out little statues and different landmarks in the park that we might recognize from tv, etc. We pulled up to Cherry hill fountain (where the beginning of Friends was filmed (our favorite show)) We thought that was so cool. Ariel suddenly parked the horse and gave him a bucket full of food and told us he would take a few more pictures.

We started walking towards Beau Bride in Central Park and took a couple pictures there. Then he took us down this small trail where a rock at the end overlooked the water. It was beautiful, the New York City skyline in the background. As we were taking pictures Dylan took my hands and kissed me. He told me he loved me. He said “I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember, and I want to love you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?”

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Central Park, NY

I started sobbing, so much that I couldn’t talk. I cried and cried, and obviously said YES! It was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It was the best day of my life.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Central Park, NY

Since that day, I haven’t been able to stop starring at my beautiful ring! It’s exactly what I wanted! We came home a few days later to a surprise engagement party with all of our friends and family.