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How We Met

Dusty and I have been together since we were 17 and 18 years old. Our relationship began with him asking me to the homecoming dance as friends, but we quickly realized there was more to our relationship than that! We both attended Auburn University and were both graduating later in the year when he proposed.

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how they asked

I had a feeling he would be proposing somewhat soon since I had accidentally seen an envelope from Diamonds Direct in his room, but that was in March last year and I ended up having to wait until July! I was finishing up nursing school in Birmingham, AL while he was working for a family friend out in Los Angeles last summer. We had talked about me flying out to visit him at some point but had not set anything in stone. My schedule worked out so I could go to LA for his birthday and we were so excited! Before I left, he asked me if I could bring an iPod shuffle he had ordered with me because he had accidentally shipped it to his parents’ house in Birmingham.

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I agreed but I was a little suspicious as to why he HAD to have his iPod shuffle when he was only going to be out there for two more weeks. I knew if he wanted to propose there he didn’t have the ring with him since he didn’t know I was coming until he had already been there, so I was curious how that would work. I picked up the package from his mom and it was wrapped in a yellow bubble mailer with the shipping label and it felt like an iPod shuffle box, so I stopped thinking too much about it to prevent getting my hopes up.

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He texted me and asked if I could put it in my carry on bag to make sure it doesn’t get lost and I agreed because iPods aren’t cheap. We hung out in LA for a few days and then drove 4 hours north to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. We set up our campsite and then went on a hike up to Mitchell Peak. It was a long way up but the view was amazing! We were the only two people up there so we hung out for a bit and started taking self-timer pictures on a phone tripod he had brought. On the last picture, he told me he had a question to ask me, got down on one knee, and the rest was a blur!!

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I just remember saying “This doesn’t feel real!!!!!” over and over again because it felt so much like a dream! We stayed up there freaking out together for a long time, left a note about it in the jar other hikers had left notes in, and tried to make it back down the mountain before dark while talking about wedding plans.

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So yes, it turns out I had carried my own engagement ring to California in my carry on the bag!! Our engagement was the best day ever and we cannot wait to be married! We are getting married on October 6th this year, which happens to be exactly six years to the date of that homecoming dance.

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