Amanda and Dustin

Image 1 of Amanda and DustinDustin and I met when I was 15 and he was 17…I’m proud to say we are high school sweet hearts! At the time, we were both involved in many of our high school sport teams. It was my sophomore year and his junior year of high school when we both ran indoor track. Dustin was a sprinter and I was a distance runner which meant while I was stretching and warming up for my event, I caught glimpses of his races.

I remember the exact location I stood stretching my hamstring when I watched him sprint around the bend to the finish line. It wasn’t the first time I saw Dustin, but it was the first time I truly noticed him. Needless to say, after I got his phone number off a friend, things really took off.

About 7 years later on 01-26-15 my nursing school cancelled classes due to a snow storm.

The snow was absolutely beautiful, we had about 6″ and it was those large snowflakes that glisten and make everything look like a white dream land. Despite the snow, it felt warm; there wasn’t any wind and the sun was shining. Since I had the day off, Dustin asked if I would like to go to the lake we often walk and jog around. I was so excited to finally enjoy a nice day outside, I told him of course and I quickly got ready. I asked my sister if she cared to join us as well. Little did I know that Dustin would get down on one knee overlooking that lake and my sister would capture the whole thing on camera.

Image 2 of Amanda and Dustin Image 3 of Amanda and Dustin

It was absolutely the most memorable day of my life. I can’t thank Dustin enough for how thoughtful he was; keeping it small and simple, outside on such a breath taking day, keeping it a surprise (for both me and my sister!), having my parents blessing in advance, saying my full name while he asked and having every detail planned without me catching on. I’m so blessed to have him in my life.

Image 4 of Amanda and Dustin