Amanda and Dustin

Image 1 of Amanda and Dustin

How We Met

He was my son’s baseball coach for about 3 years and we would talk and flirt but nothing ever moved pasted that till Mother’s Day 4 years ago I was having a bad day and put that I was on Facebook and he msg me and said I was an amazing mother and to keep my head up and he hopes my day turns around that was the first time we ever talk besides small talk at the ball field.

How They Asked

He got my mother to say she was planning a trip to King’s Island and got my sister and all 5 of our kids and to all go it was just a normal Fay of riding rides and having fun and when we were about to leave he asked if I wanted to ride the carousel because almost 2 years to the day was are first real date and we went to King’s island so it means a lot to us and while riding he kissed me and said he had a question to ask me and while riding the horses he asked if I would marry him.