Amanda and Derek

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How We Met

Derek and I met through mutual friends our freshman year of college in Boston. He asked me to be his date to his fraternity formal but we went together as just friends. Fast forward to senior year, we started spending more time together and becoming closer when two of our best friends started dating. We bonded over our love of food and traveling. When Derek asked me to his senior ball, this time we went as dates… and romance blossomed!

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After graduation, Derek moved to Baltimore to start medical school at Johns Hopkins, while I stayed in Boston for a new job, so we spent the remainder of our senior year in Boston together falling in love and resolving to stay together through the long distance. We made it through four years of long distance with the help of many Skype sessions, phone calls and trips to visit each other! When Derek matched for an orthopedic surgery residency we started making plans to move to LA together. We love our new city and have adopted a dog, Julee, into our little family!

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how they asked

When Derek surprised me with a helicopter ride, I thought it was a present for my birthday. Little did I know he had an even bigger surprise planned! We have been together for six years, with four of those years long distance from Boston to Baltimore, before finally settling in Los Angeles together. He told me we were going to do a flying tour of LA to get the best sights of our new city.

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We landed in the Malibu Mountains for a picnic and as we were walking towards it, Derek stopped, turned me towards him and got down on one knee!

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It was like a scene from a movie. He truly created the perfect moment that I will cherish in my memories forever. We celebrated with champagne surrounded by views of the ocean and the beautiful mountains!

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