Amanda and David

How We Met

David and I met at high school church camp in 2004. We had a summer fling and after that he got a girlfriend. (It wasn’t me, so I give him a hard time sometimes ;) ) We were still “friends” via social media, but I was mad at him and we didn’t really talk for about 7 years after that. But I always had a crush on him. Out of nowhere he texted me and asked if I wanted to go to happy hour with him. Apparently he still had my phone number, and apparently I still had his. I tried really hard not to like him again…but it didn’t work.

how they asked

We had been dating for over a year, so I knew it was going to happen soon. We had openly talked about getting engaged sometime in 2015. I asked him not to make a big scene, I’m not into that. I just wanted it to be him and me.

It was during that horrible heatwave we were having with temperatures in the triple digits. But on Thursday, September 17 it was actually a really nice day, only mid 80’s! :) I texted David and asked him if we could do dinner at Seal Beach that night. (We LOVE Seal Beach. It’s “our spot”, and we go there quite frequently.) I had actually gotten off work early, so I went to a nail salon by his house while I waited for him to get home from work. We drove to Seal Beach and walked on the sand (like we always do), and then we started taking self timer pictures right at sunset (like we always do). We took several pictures and then David asked me to do one more. So I went to go set up the timer again and then ran back and sat down by him on the sand. I said “how are you going to pose this time?” He said “like this!” I didn’t see that he had the ring out because I was too busy cheesing for the camera…so he said “look!” and I said “I am looking!” and he said “No, look down!” And then I saw it, and the timer went off. I couldn’t believe it…a random Thursday, and going to Seal Beach was my idea!! He said he wanted to catch me off guard, and that he couldn’t hold on to the ring much longer, he hadn’t even had it for a week. He said some wonderful things (I don’t remember that part, but I’m sure he did). And I said YES! (I don’t remember that part either, but I’m sure I did).

Image 1 of Amanda and David

Image 2 of Amanda and David