Amanda and David

Image 2 of Amanda and David Stroup

How We Met

My mom let my little brother try out for little league baseball about 10 years ago. His tryout went well and David’s dad picked him for the team. David and I met during that time. Soon after, we started going to the same church and about a year later, the same school. Our families were friends, so we spent a lot of time together outside of school, too. We had been spending a lot of time together and talking and he sent me a text one day that said, “Sooo… are we dating?” I told him we could talk the next day at school. The next day, he asked me to be his girlfriend before the first period and we’ve been together since! That was in 2011.

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How They Asked

Tybee Island is one of our favorite places. I grew up going there at least once a year and we have taken so many trips there since we started dating. We went for the weekend with my family and David and my brother said they were going to run out for a second and my mom and I would meet them later.

We were all getting ready to get dinner, so once I was ready, my mom said that we were going to pick them up. When we got there, I walked onto the beach and David was there! He hugged me longer than most times and I knew something was up.
After saying a few words and mentioning that the moment didn’t go quite as planned, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

After nearly 9 years together, the quiet and intimate proposal was absolutely perfect.
He later told me that he planned on having candles, but they wouldn’t stay lit. We always talk about how everything never goes as planned for us, so it was cute that right now to the proposal, it didn’t go quite as planned.

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