Amanda and Dave

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how we met

It was Summer of 2010 and Dave was playing in two local bands. Like any other weekend, he was booked to play a concert in Pittsburgh, PA. Little did he know that he’d meet his future wife.
Amanda’s roommate was planning on attending the same concert and ended up bringing her along. After being introduced to each other, the couple realized they shared a lot of the same friends and interests…they immediately hit it off.
Over the next year Amanda and Dave became best friends, but never pursued anything more because they both felt “Friend Zoned”. They even made a pact that if they hadn’t found someone by the age of 25, they would get married. Dave finally asked Amanda on a date and they have been inseparable ever since.
It may be a little late, but they will finally honor their pact in August 2016!

how they asked

Dave: Music is my first love, especially concerts. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to get engaged during one. My most recent band, Trophies, had broken up after 5 years of recording and touring. We had a reunion concert booked due to myself and another member moving across the country.
I knew I wanted to propose but couldn’t figure out the perfect way to do it. Then it hit me, what better place than my last concert? I asked my friends and our families what they thought and received nothing but blessings.

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In the middle of our set we had a break, so the plan was set into motion. My band announced that they had gotten us a going away gift and brought Amanda up onstage. We both turned, backs to each other, and covered our eyes.

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I turned around, dropped to one knee, ring in hand, and the crowd went nuts! Amanda turned around and we shared the most amazing moment of our lives…along with 175 others!

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