Amanda and Daniel

Image 1 of Amanda and Daniel

How We Met

We went to the same college. I had been trying to register for my next quarter classes all day. After my last class that ended, I figured I’d try one more time. Daniel was the only one there and ahead of me. Our school had terrible internet service and he heard it go off and broke the ice by saying, you get wifi in here? LOL We talked a bit then he went in to register, he came out and said good luck and left. I went in, came out and as I walked around the corner he was sitting on these steps waiting for me to get to know me more. We walked all the way to the train together and we had so much in common I felt I had known him my whole life. As the trains were coming and about to go our separate ways he asked for my number, after I gave it to him I rushed onto my train so I wouldnt miss is. Turns out, because the trains were so loud he didnt make out the last 4 digits of my number and took a guess and got lucky. They say everything happens for a reason, and I’m forever thankful it did.

How They Asked

We had booked a 2 week cruise years in advance for January of 2020, and when you’re together for 5 years, a girl is just waiting for him to pop the question. We had looked at rings so he could get an idea of what I liked. Our second time looking at rings we found one that I absolutely loved but figured he would just get one similar for a little more affordable rate. We are now halfway through this cruise and figured hes not gonna propose on this trip its to obvious. Well the day we docked ar Barbados I was in a cranky mood as I didnt sleep well, meanwhile Daniel was up amd getting ready and seemed ready to go. We get to the most beautiful white sandy beach and after some fun in the sun he said let’s go take some photos like you wanted before we head back to the ship. He heads over before I do and found someone to take our picture. He had us face one way and then another and then told me to face away from him. This seemed like an odd way to pose and eventually he told me to turn around. There he was on one knee with the exact ring I picked out beaming in my face. I literally froze up and was speechless and couldnt even speak. I just started to cry nodded my head yes, and thinking FINALLY! He had skyped my stepfather who lives in Dubai to ask for his blessing as well as call my dad for his blessing and spent a whole day with my mom as well. He truly is the sweetest guy and I’m so lucky to spend forever with him!