Amanda and Daniel

How We Met

Daniel and I went to the same high school, however never knew each other. Six years after graduating I moved back home and Daniel’s best friend invited me out to have drinks and catch up. At some point that afternoon we made our way to Daniel’s house were I was quickly bombarded with questions of who I was dating. After finding out I was single Daniel’s father quickly talked up Daniel telling me how amazing he was and how I needed to date him. After a couple of months Daniel asked me to a baseball game, he never disclosed who would be invited. To my surprise it would just be the both of us. We hung out and when the game was over I wasn’t ready to go home just yet so we wen to one of his family parties. A week after our first date he met my family and bought me an annual Disneyland pass as it would ensure we had to see each other. We spent almost every day together for the following two months until we became official. Since then we have been traveling and enjoying life as the big kids we are at heart.

Amanda and Daniel Aaron's Engagement in Segovia Castle, Segovia, Spain

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Segovia Castle, Segovia, Spain

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Proposal Ideas Segovia Castle, Segovia, Spain

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how they asked

Three years into our relationship we finally were going to spend out first Valentine’s Day together. Daniel was stationed overseas in Germany but was going to fly me out for a late Christmas gift. I flew out to Germany and spent a couple of days where he then surprised me with a trip to Madrid, Spain. Early morning on Valentine’s day we drove out to Segovia, Spain. A small town built on a small hill we walked through the narrow streets to the Segovia Castle. This very castle inspired Walt Disney to build the castle that is now at Disneyland Anaheim.

We toured around the inside where he started getting nervous and started telling me how much he loved me and how he spoke to my parents before he left for his trip to Germany months before. Inside a small room with a huge stained glass window he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was in tears as I said yes, he then directed my attention behind me where my best friend and her husband were standing.

We spent the rest of the trip running around Madrid with them and enjoying every moment of being newly engaged.