Proposal at the Rodeo

Image 1 of Proposal at the RodeoHow We Met: I love to rodeo and sing so what better place to go then a karaoke bar right? Little did I know that I was about to meet the man of my dreams there. I started to make it a regular Thursday night occasion and every week I would lock eyes with this guy there. A few weeks went by and I’ll never forget the first thing he ever said to me. “Nice buckle, did you win it?” I remember thinking to myself “uh yeah… who would wear a buckle they DIDN’T win” But that corny question was enough to keep me interested and looking forward to seeing him again. About two weeks later he walked me to my car at the end of the night. We stood by the car for a while making conversation and then he randomly asked me to dance in the parking lot. When he left I jumped in the car like a little girl and told my best friend that he was the man I would marry someday!

how they asked: I had spent my entire 2014 year traveling the country to some of the biggest rodeos in the US as Miss Rodeo New Jersey. It is very similar to the Miss America Program except our talent is riding horses and our platform is promoting professional rodeo, animal welfare, and the western way of life. At the end of my reign the East coast had their Circuit Rodeo Finals in Harrisburg, PA. I was asked to sing the National Anthem and run sponsor flags so Dan and I had planned to make a small vacation out of it. Little did I know that he had coordinated with the rodeo board to set up a surprise proposal in the middle of the show. Right before intermission I was running my last sponsor flag and I saw the rodeo judge shut the gate before I could exit the arena. Immediately I though something had went wrong. He then asked me to please step off my horse that someone had needed to ask me something. I turn around to see Dan in the center of the arena with a microphone.
At that moment I knew what happened next! He dropped down to one knee and proposed in front of thousands of people.

The sound of the crowd cheering still gives me the chills and of course I said YES!

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Photography by Lisa Dell Soltner