Amanda and Cristian

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How We Met

Cristian and I met at our university in my last semester. He was sitting at a table working on a group project with one of my friends. I went to chat with her and noticed him at the corner of my eye. Later that day, I texted her asking who the cute guy next to her was. She told me and then of course told him. He messaged me on Instagram about a week later and everything clicked right after that.

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How They Asked

We had talked a lot about getting engaged but Cristian is quite a wild card! He just kept saying at the end of the year so I really had no idea. On the day of the proposal, I just thought our families were getting together to see our new condo and have lunch to celebrate that. To my surprise, he had something more planned. Cristian and I were supposed to meet our parents at our condo to show them for the first time.

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As we got to the door, he put the key in and it was not working. He fumbled for a bit and just opened the door without the key. I was so confused! Once he opened the door, there were rose petals and candles in a pathway leading to a big heart with A+C in it.

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Besides the petals, there were photos of us throughout the time we were dating. He walked by each of them and we chatted about the memories until we got to the end and he said this is what brought us to this moment. Next thing I knew, he was getting down on one knee!

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