Amanda and Court

How We Met

June 15th 2016. Court and I met at a local fine dining restaurant in Newburgh, IN. My mom and I were in the bar having a pear salad and cocktails, and a few seats away was this tall, handsome, well dressed man in a Parc 81 button down shirt with a silver Movado watch on his wrist. Court kindly asked my mom and I if it was okay if he changed the channel on one of the TVs to the St. Louis Cardinals game. Luckily for Court my mom and I are huge Cardinals fans, so without hesitation, we said absolutely! Court and I ended up chatting the rest of the night and ended up playing a game of Thumb war at the table. Court said, “okay so, the rule is, whoever wins gets to pick where I take you to dinner on Saturday night. (he won but I still got to pick the restaurant) lol. Who would have thought that a game of thumb war would end in me getting my prince charming….forever.

how they asked

My boyfriend had a “business trip” on May 27th in Chicago planned for several months. He had arranged for a special day and evening for my mom and I. Starbucks at 8:00 am, massages at 9:00 am, followed by a relaxing facial and pedicure! After our three hours of getting pampered, my mom and I went to the mall and bought dresses and jewelry for our girls night out! My fiancé told us that we had to be ready by 7:45 pm for dinner because there would be a driver picking us up. At 7:40 pm, I had just finished putting on my lip gloss, sending my boyfriend an “I miss you text” and sliding on my Antiono Melani high heels; I was ready for girl’s night! At exactly 7:45 I heard my mom say “Oh my gosh, Amanda! There is a Rolls Royce limo in our driveway!” I grabbed my sparkly clutch and out the door we went! I was so surprised and excited, a limo? for girls night? YES! That is so something my amazing boyfriend would do for my mom and I. When we arrived in front of the restaurant at sunset, the Rolls Royce limo door opened and my world was changed forever! #itsafarrelltale

Amanda Morgan and Court Layne's Engagement in Evansville, Indiana

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Amanda Morgan's Proposal in Evansville, Indiana

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