Amanda and Connor

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How We Met

We met coaching youth gymnastics. He was the boys’ team director/coach and I was just a recreational coach. I had eyes for him from day one of me working there, so when he asked if he could steal me away from a book I was reading, I said yes. Putting my book down that night was the best decision I could have made, and thinking about it, I still haven’t finished it :)

how they asked

He told me my Christmas present was going to NYC and then going upstate to see my family. Everyone kept asking if he was going to propose, and I just kept saying I doubt it because he knows I don’t want it to happen in a crowd of people. The first night we were there, I kept begging him to go see the tree because it was number one on my “must do” list. He convinced me otherwise and treated me to a fancy dinner instead. On one of our last nights in the city, we were walking down 5th avenue and caught the light show that was put on by Sacs. Little did I know, the Christmas tree was right behind us!

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He kept asking me if I wanted to move closer to the Christmas tree, and of course, I said yes, so we pushed our way through the crowd so I could get an up close and personal picture. He then went to ask a random person walking by if they could take a picture of us (& a video that I didn’t know about) and boom, he did it. Right in front of everyone, underneath the Christmas tree. It was way more perfect than I could have ever imagined!!

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