Amanda and Colin

How We Met

Colin and I met on the Disney College Program in Walt Disney World in the Spring of 2012. We were both placed at the Jungle Cruise attraction and became Skippers telling puns and driving boats around the jungle rivers of the world. We ran in different circles for our program and didn’t actually hang out until the summer. I invited a big group of friends to watch the July 4th fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, and when the day arrived, he was the only one to show up. We sat down on the curb of the sidewalk to save our spot for the fireworks and just talked for hours. From that day forward, Colin found any excuse to talk to me.

Amanda and Colin's Engagement in Nags Head, NC

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Amanda's Proposal in Nags Head, NC

He traded shifts so we worked the same hours, walked me to my car in the evenings, and took me on adventures around Central Florida on our days off. Unfortunately, Colin had to return to school in Indiana that September, while I permanently stayed in Florida. He convinced me that we could make long distance work and I agreed to give us a chance. We would text and Skype constantly and he even wrote me letters sealed in wax. He spent every school break traveling to Florida even if it was for a short weekend. He moved back down to Florida two years later and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

On July 16th, 2017, in Nags Head, NC, my family, Colin and I rented a big beach house for the week. After dinner, my older sister mentioned that the owner of the beach house sent her a message about a scavenger hunt in the house and that if we wanted to give it a shot to check the kitchen drawers to get started. So my nieces (Maddie 10 and Paige 7) jumped up and opened all the drawers until we found a pouch, letter, book, and a wooden puzzle box. The letter was from the owner and told us the tale of Blackbeard’s Treasure which was hidden somewhere in the house. We opened the first puzzle box which revealed a set of clues spelling “Flush”. We checked all the bathrooms until we found our second puzzle box revealing the word “Lint”. It leads us to the laundry room, which had a hollowed out book sitting on the top shelf holding a clear maze cube with more clues. Once we opened the cube, our next clue gave us the word “Water”.

Our final and hardest puzzle cube was discovered under the kitchen island. Each box held part of a cipher for two coded messages we first received the letter. The messages read “tick-tock check the face of the clock” and “sleep on it”. A clock in the living room had a removable face which held a combination to a lock. Following the second clue, we checked all the bedrooms and found a giant treasure chest under my niece’s bed. After some difficulty with the lock, we finally opened Blackbeard’s Treasure chest to reveal jewels, gold coins, and beaded necklaces. My nieces pounced on the treasure and I noticed writing on the inside of the chest’s lid.

On old-fashioned paper was written “Amanda will you marry me?” I turned around to find Colin down on one knee with a ring in his hand. I was so shocked that he put together such a detailed and intricate scavenger hunt, he had to ask me twice before I snapped out of it and said “yeah”. He planned the entire thing with my sister for 10 months! My nieces may have found the treasure, but I got a fiance’.

Special Thanks

Aimee Smith | 
My sister helped plan and took pictures