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Every year for Labor day may fiancé and his family plan an annual vacation. This year I was joining them for the first time since It was our very first Labor day together. So, I packed my bags and we all went to Anna Marie island in Florida for a nice long weekend in a gorgeous house right on the water! My Fiancé, his sisters, and mom all had me convinced I had to look and dress my best that Saturday evening for family photos! So after getting ready, I came downstairs and my fiance suggested he and I walk on the beach to take some of our own pictures while we wait for the family to meet us down there. He had been acting a little differently all day so once we approached a heart in the sand made of rose petals I knew what was coming!

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Right there on the beach he told me repeatedly how he knew he would love me forever and that he always knew.

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He said I was put into his life for this reason only, to be his wife; and that there was no reason for us to wait for this any longer; and the feeling was mutual since I’ve met this man I could not wait to be labeled his forever, so obviously I said YES! Then I hear a bunch of cheering from both of our families and friends that were over looking on the balcony (I had no idea)! Then we walked a little further down the beach and out pops from the bushes my old best friend from high school who is now a photographer.

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She was hiding and caught all these precious moments on camera! We took a few more photos and made our way back to the vacation house and when I got upstairs there everyone was! My family, his family, our best friends, and endless amounts of food and champagne!

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Not only do I have my perfect man but the perfect proposal memory I could ever ask for! Yes! ♡♡♡

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