Amanda and Caleb

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how we met

At the beginning of the year, I decided to download Coffee Meets Bagel on a whim. About a week in, I got a “Woo!” flower from a guy named Caleb which indicated he “extra” liked me. Cynically, I thought the feature was pretty stupid, but it was enough for me to give it a shot. We chatted for a day through the app before he cut straight to the chase and asked me on a date. Taken aback by his bluntness, I was pretty hesitant, but figured we had enough mutual friends for it to be safe.

When I walked in the door at Blue Stone Lane on a brisk Saturday afternoon, I found Caleb and was struck by how handsome he was. Quickly moving past looks alone, Caleb and I settled into a conversation that was somehow so natural and free flowing. All my first dates previously had been basic get-to-know-you’s, yet here we were diving into topics like the our faith, social justice, and the purpose behind our work. We were fluctuating back and forth from hilarious jokes to serious discussions, and I found myself liking him more and more each minute. There was a moment in our conversation where I thought, “Wow. I really like this guy. This is different.” After nearly 3 hours, we were the only ones left in the coffee shop and the baristas were closing up around us. We parted ways and all I could think of was, “This is different. This is so so different.”

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how they asked

I was planning on proposing to Amanda the 15th of October shortly after returning home from a business trip. I had all the details ironed out and couldn’t wait to give her the ring I had stashed away for over a month. To my horror, I discovered she’d come down with a pretty serious cold and scrambled from the Copenhagen airport to reschedule everything that was in place for the following day. Rescheduling for the following week made me nervous that the secret might get out from the small group of friends that knew my plan. Finally, on October 22nd I planned on bringing Amanda to a picnic in Central Park in an area that we frequent, not far from her apartment. These plans also required some flexibility as the weather in NYC is rarely predictable.

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Sure enough, the day of the proposal it was 45 degrees with light rain and wind, the perfect weather for a picnic. Though we would have to eat the food indoors, I still insisted we go for a walk in the park to “get some fresh air.” Along the walk we stopped in a familiar place to admire the color of the leaves and the peacefulness of the park as there were relatively few people around. I set my coffee down on a bench and looked Amanda in the eyes preparing to deliver my few short but sappy lines. I started fumbling over the words in my short speech, but by the time Amanda realized I was proposing it didn’t really matter because I don’t think she heard a word I said. I handed her the umbrella I was holding and grabbed the ring from my pocket. Eventually in the excitement, the umbrella was tossed to the ground and we weren’t bothered by the light rain at that point.

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the ring

About two years ago, I had a little feminist moment where I decided it would be so significant if the first diamond ring I owned was paid for with my own hard-earned money. I found Vale’s Fjord ring (pictured on my middle finger) and thought it was perfect. Early on in my relationship with Caleb, I sheepishly told the story about my ring when he complimented it, and he loved what it symbolized and what it meant to me. That was one of the moments where I knew he was such a perfect fit for me – he always loved and embraced my independence.

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Fast forwarding to more serious conversations about our future, we found the Vapor engagement ring at Vale and were so enamored by it. The rose cut diamond and hexagon outline was so unique and minimalistic. Though we didn’t mean to pick out the exact ring in advance, we somehow felt like it represented our relationship so well. It means so much to me now to have the two rings side-by-side!

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