Amanda and Brett

Amanda's Proposal in Dallas, TX

How We Met

Brett and I met in July 2015. I was fresh out of college, living on my own and he was new in town transitioning from a job 2 hours away. At the time, we both recently moved to Royal Oak, MI and he was living with two guys I had gone to school with. One day our group of friends decided to mesh and spend the day at the pool in the apartment complex I was living in. My apartment complex threw frequent pool parties so this became a normal Saturday tradition throughout the summer. I wish I had a more romantic story about how I met my soon to be husband, but yes it was at a apartment pool party where the drinks were flowing. At the time, we both were not “looking for love” as we both were fresh out of relationships and just looking to start new in a new city. Our friend group solidified over the next few months as more people from college (Central Michigan University, fire up chips!) moved to our city. That’s when one of my best friends Hillary pulled me aside and said “What do you think of Brett Cousino?!” me not knowing she asked him the same thing about me. I think my response was something like “Yeah, hes really cute!” (Currently laughing at my 23 year old self). Shortly after this awkward encounter, a little fire started between us.

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I can never forget him awkwardly asking me on our first date. Brett got 4 Detroit Red Wings tickets from a friend and remembered me saying that I liked hockey. He sent me a SUPER vague text message one day and said he had 4 tickets to the game and asked if I wanted them. In my head I was thinking “Okay so are you giving me 4 tickets or are you asking me to go?….” I was so confused so I screenshotted it and sent it to Hillary and asked her to clarify (as normal girls do,we screenshot everything). She had no idea either. I texted him back saying “….um ya sure!” worst comes to worst I have 4 free tickets to the game. That’s when he texted me back and asked if I had another couple in mind to invite to go with us. AH! Confirmed, this was a date. eeek! Soon after, we started to get to know each other a little more, we found out that he graduated from CMU a few years before me but still hung around campus as his job was in our college town. Some of his good friends that he hung out with often lived 2 doors down from my senior year college house.

Proposal Ideas Dallas, TX

We found out that we were probably in the same room with each other or at the same party MULTIPLE times. How did we not meet?! He knew one of my best friend/roomate Lauryn, yet we never crossed paths. About a few years into us dating I stumbled across an old college tailgate picture and guess who was in the background?! Brett! We were literally back to back. I’m a true believer that god decides to put people in your life at certain times for certain reasons. God clearly didn’t think I was ready for Brett as a twenty-something year old college girl and I’m so glad that he waited :) <3

How They Asked

The second week in March is always a fun one as two of my people celebrate their birthdays! Brett and one of my best friends Lauryn, both their birthdays are about 4 days apart from each other. We have a lot of friends in the Dallas, Texas area (including Lauryn and a few other best friends…I know I have alot of best friends 5 to be exact!) so we decided to make a trip this year to celebrate both birthdays!

I was super stressed leading up to the trip because as we were celebrating two birthdays I wanted to make sure each person felt just as special.My friends were planning, planning and planning. I was SO worried that we weren’t going to do anything that Brett wanted to do. So I continuously told him “please let me know if you don’t want to do either of these things. I can say something, it’s your birthday too”. Brett being Brett, He continuously told me it was fine. We got to my best friend Nicole’s house early Friday morning and we did some fun Texas things, which mostly consisted of drinking outside in the warmth (which I was 100% okay with coming from a state that was 11 degrees). We went out that night and took it easy. By this point I was awake for 24 hours due to not sleeping in anticipation of the trip and an early flight, I was soooo ready to go to sleep. The next morning (Saturday) my friends and Brett let me sleep and we took our time getting ready for the day. We had the WHOLE day planned, I was very overwhelmed (I’m not a go-go-go person on my vacations). I asked Brett again if this is what he wanted to do and if not we can do something else. We got into a little argument to where it ended with me crying a little cause I just felt bad (He said he wanted to tell me right then & there but he just had to let me cry it out). Brett literally treated me like a princess on my past birthday and I just wanted to make sure I was doing the same for him We got ready and headed to downtown Dallas where we went to this awesome outdoor bar called Katy Trial Ice House.

It was 78 degrees, sunny and had some coronas in hand! I was loving it, I’m a sucker for day drinking in the sun. I quickly got over the meltdown I had prior that morning. I was taking a ton of pictures with Brett’s phone (for good reason, he has a iPhone10s and I had a 6. Say no more). He kept getting really snappy saying I couldn’t hold onto his phone which he always lets me do (found out later it was because everyone kept texting him asking if it happened yet).

We had dinner reservations at 6:45pm so our group started to get up when our friend suggested we walk this pedestrian running trail because there’s some pretty scenery and it was on the way to dinner. It was a nice night so I was totally up for it! We started walking and came across this fountain that looked beautiful with the sun going down. Us being girls, we decided to take some pictures. First girls picture, guys pictures, group pictures, then the couples.

Brett and I were the first couple to take a picture. I did my usual pose with my hand on his shoulder and I could feel his heart beating SO FAST. To the point where I had to say something, so I did. At that moment I saw his hand reach into his pocket and he proposed! I was in shock and I did not expect it one bit! I thought all the focus and all the planning of the weekend was for the birthdays but really it was for us! EVERYONE was in on it! My friends knew all the planning would stress me out but they did it to throw my focus off. Once everything happened and I facetimed my family, we walked to dinner where it was actually a engagement dinner for us! I couldn’t stop smiling all night. Definitely a trip to remember and Texas is our new favorite place!