Amanda and Brendon

How We Met

Brendon and I met through an online dating application called Tinder during my sophomore year of college. It was the latest trend in social media; and I had fallen victim to see what the hype was about. I was super hesitant at first, just because of some of the horror stories my friends had told me. Regardless, I gave it a shot. The first image I came across was a tall man, wearing scrubs and a beautiful smile. His biography read he was a Pre-Med Student, went to UCF and liked turtles. Besides having the same interest in perusing medicine, it was the turtles that made me press the heart button under his photo. Instantly, I got a “It’s a Match” meaning he too, liked my profile. A chat appeared and I debated if I should wait for Brendon to say something or to be bold and make the first move. I messaged him first and within a few minutes I got a reply. We shortly went from chatting on Tinder to texting and realized we had many goals and interest in common. After days of texting we decided it was finally time to meet. I started to become worried that Brendon was just “too good to be true” and that I was being cat fished just like the TV show. I remember even telling him at one point I didn’t believe he was real. (LOL) We decided to meet and have our first date at SeaWorld.

Where to Propose in Lake Eola Orlando Florida

It was perfect, we both had Tuesday’s off from school, the weather was going to be chilly and neither of us had been in quite some time. Tuesday rolled around and at this point I was still worried thinking about who I really was going on a date with. Was it going to be the man in the photo’s or a stranger? Even after Face timing once, I was still wondering about who was going to show up at my door. When Brendon told me he had arrived to my house, my stomach dropped and realized this was the moment of truth. After receiving a pep talk from my roommate, I began to make my way outside. I turned the corner and there was Brendon, the same man from the pictures. Suddenly, a sense of relief came over me. With my heart pounding a 100 miles per hour I gave him the biggest bear hug and noticed his heart was beating uncontrollably as well. The first thing I could manage to say to him was “OMG it’s really you!” After an eventful day at the park, you can then say the rest is history.

how they asked

It was finally August 6th 2016, the day I was waiting for 4 years during my time at the University of Central Florida. Despite it being my graduation, it felt like a pretty normal day. My mother came over early to get ready and I had my girlfriends come over for some breakfast, mimosas and lots of picture taking.

After the commencement, the plan was to head to one of Brendon and mine’s favorite Mexican restaurants with friends and our families. We were having such a great time with everyone there, that we wanted to continue the celebration in downtown Orlando. I advised Brendon that I wanted to go home first to change out of my heels because they were hurting. He had told me “No worries we will.” When we left the restaurant, instead of making a left turn towards home, Brendon headed straight for the highway and I was thrown off. He convinced me we should go downtown first since it was already getting late instead of going home. I didn’t think twice and agreed.

When we arrived at our destination, we were in downtown Orlando near Lake Eola. He told me to make it easier all my friends were going to meet up at the World of Beer near the lake and we were going walk to the bars together. As we waited for our friends to arrive, Brendon suggested that we should take a stroll around the lake. It was a beautiful night. There were some street performers in the lake playing jazz and you could hear the sound of the swans in the background. As we approached a gazebo, Brendon stopped and began his proposal speech.

Everything from that day began to click, why my Mom wanted me to get my nails painted and was super emotional at my house. It especially made since why Brendon was not eating and staring off into space a lot. As Brendon got down and asked me to marry him, without a doubt I said yes.

He then replaced my promise ring he had given me 2 years ago with the most gorgeous ring that I had ever seen. Shortly, our friends and family that had been hiding behind the gazebo came out to surprise us. Brendon’s mom even had brought glasses and champagne to celebrate the night. It was truly special to have everyone there with us.