Amanda and Brandon

Where to Propose in Cincinnati, OH

How We Met

I met Brandon when I least expected it! We met pretty unconventionally. One day in June 2014 my mother was in a small fender bender. It was her fault because she wasn’t paying attention. This was laughable to me, my sister, and father because my mom always pays attention while driving. It was a “seriously, Mom?” moment. No one was hurt except her car’s front bumper. So my mom takes her car to the body shop we have been going to for years. My now fiancé’s mother runs reception. Now, back up for a minute! Not long before this something happened to my sister’s car mirror and it needed to be replaced. Well back then she and my mom had talked about how they had children the same age and should introduce them. Okay, back to 2014. This time they exchanged me and my fiancé’s numbers. A few days later I receive a text from an unknown number.

He says his name is Brandon. I don’t know any Brandon’s well so I was confused. I immediately went and asked my mom if she knew about it. That’s when she told me about what happened with Brandon’s mom and how they exchanged our numbers. So we started texting. After about a week we decided to meet and had our first date. We went out for ice cream and he paid. I was immediately comfortable with him, which doesn’t happen often because of social anxiety. We had many similarities and interests. We discussed video games, music and much more. I told him about my Disney obsession and he told me about his job as an engineer. We even watched a couple video game trailers together! We were there for about 3 hours! I was very excited after the date ended because I knew that this man was special! It didn’t take me long at all to fall in love with him!

how they asked

On August 20th, two days after my 23rd birthday my fiancé and his parents wanted to take me out to dinner to celebrate. They often pick the restaurant so I asked where we were going. We went to a restaurant called The Incline Public House. It overlooks downtown Cincinnati. It was very rainy and gloomy, but that didn’t stop us. We ate outside under the overhang and the view was spectacular! I told Brandon that I wanted to get a picture once the rain and clouds let up. Once it was all clear we went to get the picture. I handed his dad my phone to take a picture and he and my fiancé’s mom had their phones out. So I went to put my arm around Brandon’s back but before I can do that he guides me in front of him and we take the picture with him standing behind me. After it’s taken I step to the side and he reaches in to his back pocket, gets down on one knee, and asks me to marry him. My mouth dropped to the floor and I was speechless! I teared up and just couldn’t speak!

Amanda's Proposal in Cincinnati, OH

My fiancé judged by my reaction and asked “is that a yes?” All I could do was nod and as he stood up is when I managed to say “yes!” We received applause from other people eating outside and several “congratulations” on the way out of the restaurant. A week before that my fiancé was taking me home and said he was going to ask my dad his opinion on a birthday gift for me. They went on the deck and I went upstairs. I didn’t think anything of it. Turns out that was when Brandon asked my dad’s permission to marry me. And a day before then Brandon and I were talking and we were discussing money and he told me he couldn’t afford a ring with finishing up college and our upcoming trip to Disney World. Turns out it was all just a red herring! I was so surprised when he proposed and it was the best birthday gift ever!

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