Amanda and Brad

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How We Met

Brad and I met on June 1st, 2012 while living in Columbia, Missouri. I was having a really bad day at work and decided to go to happy hour with some co-workers. I had frequented this bar several times prior to this day but had never seen Brad before. One of my friends who came with me that night actually bartended with Brad. When we arrived at the pub Brad came over and asked us what we wanted to drink. I immediately noticed his bright green eyes. I was hooked from there. We spent the next four hours flirting and getting to know one another sharing stories. As the happy-hour was ending my friends were ready to head home but I didn’t want that night to end. They had been encouraging me to ask for brads number but I couldn’t get the courage up to do so As we closed out our tabs and headed out I was getting nervous that I wouldn’t get a chance. So when Brad came over I blurted out “What time do you get off?”. To my surprise, he said he was off an hour ago but had wanted to stay and hang out. At this point, I didn’t know what to say because I wasn’t prepared for his answer.I just asked him if he wanted to go somewhere else for a drink and darts. We left sky-high and went to the Deuce Pub and Pit. We hung out and talked more sharing stories, laughs, and glances. We realized that we loved sports, travel, family, had a shared loved of the band N*SYNC, and we even were in Panama City Beach Florida on spring break in the same hotel in 2007. As the night drew to an end and the last call was announced. We headed to our cars. Like a true gentleman, Brad walked me to my car. As we walked he told me that he had never met anyone like me that had the ability to make him genuinely laugh. We got to my car and I was hoping so bad that he would kiss me. HE DID! After that with butterflies in my stomach, he made them flutter by asking for my phone number. Now I don’t know if you remember the song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jenson but it was that summer smash which had played that night about 20 times. I had tried to come up with something creative and witty to respond to his question with. So when he asked for my number I said: ” I just met you and this is crazy but here is my number so call me maybe”. As they say in the fairy tales the rest is history. Since that day we have moved five times, one of those moves was cross country from Missouri to California. Our love story has been filled with ups, downs, laughter, and tears, but the love has continued through it all. I can’t wait to marry my best friend!!!

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how they asked

Brad and I share a deep sports love, especially baseball even though it is a divided house. He grew up in Chicago as Cubs fan and I grew up in St. Louis as a die-hard Redbird. When I met Brad I told him how every milestone in my life was spent at Busch Stadium. I celebrated milestone birthdays there and too many to count family gatherings. I was even there when Mark Mcguire broke the record for most home runs in one season against Sammy Sosa (cub). The Stadium holds a deep place in my heart. For months Brad had tried to plan a get together for our families to meet but it hadn’t worked out. He had gone back to St. Louis in early June 2017 to ask my parents permission to marry me and wasn’t able to propose till the end of September 2017 because our families meeting was very important to us. So we decided to plan a trip to St. Louis for his mom’s birthday (which happen to be the day he proposed) and visit friends and family while we were there.

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We had also planned to travel to Wisconsin that same trip to see the Greenbay Packers play the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field. Even though Brad grew up in Chicago his dad’s family was from Wisconsin, therefore he grew up a huge Packers fan. Brad takes a trip every year with his buddies to watch the Packers play and I had never seen a game or been to Lambeau (which was Brad’s version of Busch stadium).The plan was that our parents would meet at the Cubs/ Cards game that night. Every year at the end of September the Cardinals play the Cubs in a final series before the playoffs in October. Which is always very exciting since this is a huge rival game that usually determines who will take the division. Few months prior Brad had asked me to start showing him my Pinterest boards so I knew something was up but time passed and nothing happened. But I did have a feeling he may do it at Lambeau field because in years previous this was a guy only trip, but this year I was extended an invitation. But to my surprise, it came at the baseball game. Brad was acting super weird and very quiet when we showed up at the game.

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You may not know Brad personally but that is not his personality at all. Right before the national anthem started Brad asked if our parents wanted to pose for pictures then asked if we could pose for some pictures. Before we could pose for some pictures the national anthem started. He was pacing and very nervous during the national anthem. You may remember the kneeling controversy was going on at this time in professional sports. Brad told me later he almost popped the questions right before the national anthem. He joked after the fact that he didn’t want people to think he was kneeling for the wrong reason. When I turned back around after the national anthem all of our parents had their phones out and were videoing and ready to take pictures. I looked over at Brad and asked him what was going that when I realized he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. What made the proposal special to me was in August of 2017 I had to undergo surgery for a meniscus/ACL tear. My left leg was in a complete immobilizer. When brad propped the question he told me “Since you are down one knee I think it is about time I get down on one knee”.

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