Amanda and Blake

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Kennedy Mall/ our bedroom

How We Met

I was sitting by myself on a couch at a party I was talked into going to by my cousins. At the time I was in an emotionally abusive/ controlling relationship, so I just kept to myself. Blake however did not care and walked right up to me and asked for my phone number. When I asked why he said to send pictures. After a confused look from me he explained he saw I looked sad and wanted to send i funny memes to help cheer me up. From that moment on we talked for the rest for the party. After that we lost touch for a year until he texted me again out of the blue right before I was admitted for Anorexia inpatient treatment. He ended up helping my through the worst time in my life and he become my dearest and best friend for a life time and my other half.

how they asked

It was a typical day as we headed to the mall to go to the attached gym for a nice 45 minute workout. I was having a rough day and was just trying to get out my frustrations in a nice cardio workout when he came out to me and asked me to follow him. I asked if it was to a machine he wanted me to try and he said no and that I should grab my stuff because we needed to leave. He wouldn’t tell my why, only that it was in the attached mall and I would like it. After grabbing my stuff I headed while him across the mall hallway and started passing stores. We passed all the typical stores we shop at and I started to get confused. I was still confused when we entered the nice jewelry store hidden away in a corner of the mall. The jeweler recognized Blake and greeted us. He clicked on his computer and turned the screen to face us. He had a picture of a beautiful ring on it. Black diamond around the band with a rose gold one in the middle. I was confused. Blake asked if I liked it and I said of course. He explained he deigned it with the jeweler and was not sure if I would like it but wanted to propose and wanted me to pick my ring out first. The jeweler then brought out three more rings. After talking with the other two and trying them on I narrowed my favorite to the one on the computer. Blake then looked at me and asked. are you sure? I brought you in to find your perfect one. I want to spent my forever with you and wand you to be happy with your ring. I then looked for another hour and still ended up ordering the ring my fiance and the jeweler designed online. Two weeks later I was coming home from a rough day at work and and after taking off my shoes Blake asked foe me to come into our bedroom. after getting greeted by our puppy pug I saw Blake holding a small box. He then got on one knee and asked me to be his wife!