Amanda and Biagio

Amanda and Biagio's Engagement in Positano, Italy

How We Met

Years ago while we were both still attending school for our Bachelor Degrees I was studying in the library with my friend Victoria at her school when she briefly introduced me to Biagio. It would be a few years until we saw each other again but our brief meeting seemed to leave a lasting impression on us both.

Over the next few years my friend would always mention this great guy she wanted to set me up with but the timing was never just right…

Fast forward to the Summer of 2013 and I agreed to let her share my phone number with this “wonderful mystery man”.

At the time I was traveling for work when I received a text from Biagio. We instantly clicked and our conversations went on for hours. In August of that summer we had our first date in Brooklyn and it was everything you could dream a perfect first date would be. When I ordered the Spiedini from the menu Biagio said, “you had me at I’ll have the spiedini.” At the time I thought this was just a charming and clever joke. It turns out that this particular dish happens to be his Nonna’s speciality and one of my favorites since I was a child.

Everything about him and that evening was almost too good to be true. After dinner we went for a stroll in a nearby park overlooking the Hudson River and spent the next few hours talking about pretty much everything, it was as though we had known each other our entire lives. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time and would be lying if I said I didn’t have butterflies every time he held my hand. I just knew in my heart that we were meant to be together….

how they asked

Every year since we’ve been dating it’s been our goal to visit a new place together. Over the last four years we’ve traveled to Aruba, Montreal and the Grand Canyon. Since I was a child it had always been a dream of mine to visit Italy so Biagio insisted that be our next trip… in December 2016 we booked it!

Where to Propose in Positano, Italy

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be visiting Italy with the love of my life. We spent weeks carefully planning our itinerary which consisted of tours in Venice and Rome and a charming bed and breakfast in Positano.

Venice was breathtakingly beautiful and can only be described as an incredibly special place. Between the bright bold colors of the homes on the island of Burano, strolling through Piazza San Marco, dancing and listening to live music and a gondola ride at sunset on the grand canal I was swooning at every turn, it truly is the city of love.

Amanda's Proposal in Positano, Italy

Our last evening in Venice was one of the most romantic evenings of my life. We were walking back from dinner through Piazza San Marco and decided to sit on one of the benches just outside Doge’s Palace. The sky was full of stars and there was live music playing in the middle of the square. As we sat we talked about our life together and all of our plans for the future. It was bittersweet to be leaving Venice but I was also so excited to explore what was next!

For our stop in Rome I booked an extra special tour of the colosseum. Biagio has always gone to the greatest lengths to surprise me in the most special ways. Since I know Gladiator is one of Biagio’s favorite movies, it was obvious he was especially excited to visit the colosseum again with me. I was able to get us passes to step out onto the main floor where gladiators once stood, he was in his glory and even imitated the movie at one point!

Afterwards we walked the ancient roads of the Roman Forum. It was incredible to learn about our culture and heritage together while taking in all of the history and beauty surrounding us.

The following Tuesday we finally arrived in Positano. We were both so excited to relax and enjoy one of the most magnificent places in the world. After all of the walking tours we had done the week before we were ready to enjoy some time on the beach. We booked a room at a romantic bed and breakfast called Giardini dei Sensi and I’m so glad that we did. Our room was cozy and the hosts made us feel welcomed and just like family right away.

The property was picturesque with magnificent gardens all around and overlooking perhaps one of the most incredible views in the world. It all felt like a dream and I never wanted to wake up!

That evening Biagio mentioned that we would go shopping in Sorrento the next day to find the perfect pair of handmade sandals he knew I wanted. That next morning as we were getting ready for breakfast I kept asking Biagio if there was anything he needed for me to put in my purse for him But each time his response was no.

As we were sitting at breakfast one of the hosts, Domenico, came over to our table to inquire how everything was going so far. At that point the TV in our room wasn’t working and so Biagio and Domenico headed to the room to quickly fix the issue.

After their return we finished up our espresso and walked over to take a look at our favorite view before heading out. Looking out at the coast of Positano while resting my head on Biagio’s shoulder he began talking again about our future, how much he loved me and how he always knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me… Biagio always goes out of his way to show me how he feels about me but nothing could have prepared me for what came next…he then said, “Amanda there is something else that I wanted you to put in your bag before we left” and then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

It was the surprise of a lifetime and I was in total shock.. to add my surprise, Biagio was not fixing the tv during breakfast but had given his phone to Domenico to record the entire proposal for us! It turns out we weren’t really going to Sorrento at all, although he did make sure I still found the perfect handmade sandals.

To refer to our trip to Italy as a dream come true would be an understatement, Biagio’s perfectly planned proposal was a fairytale.


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