Amanda and Austin

how they asked

Austin and I have been together for 13 years since we were 15! We’ve talked about marriage for a while but never really decided when we would actually do it. We go to Yosemite every year with my family for a week filled with hiking, laughing and making memories. This year he was pressing to go on a new hike with some of my cousins that overlooks the whole valley, clouds rest. It’s a 14-mile hike round trip. His mom also joined us this year! We headed out but ended up being way ahead of his mom on the hike, occasionally headlong back making sure we could hear her and her friend.

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We made it to the sub dome and at that point, Austin said he was going to run back and check on his mom (he ended up running about two miles back) when he got back we climbed the ridgeline to the very top of the hike. The views are breathtaking! He set up his tripod so we could all take group photos on his camera.

After a few minutes, he asked if we could just take some photos of us two. As we were standing looking over the whole valley he asked if this was my favorite memory. I replied with a sure not really thinking anything of it. He then said this is my favorite you know why? He stepped back got on one knee and asked me to marry him. (He said a lot more but to be honest, I don’t remember a lot of it) with some of my best friends watching, them being my cousins I got to say yes to spending the rest of my life with my one true love!

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