Amanda and Anton

How We Met

We first met in high school at Kingwood Park! We were in student council together. I was Anton’s leader for a group project (planting trees) and he swears all I did was yell at him for planting them wrong! (Nope!) Then we went off to different colleges. Anton went to the same college as my best friend, so I would see him at parties and at random times. Anton texted me one day and I happened to have planned a trip up to Lubbock that same weekend! We hung out and watched scary movies and talked about him joining the military since he had just signed his papers. When I went home, he would come visit me (it’s a 10-hour drive!) every couple of days until he finally asked me to be his girlfriend! It’s been an adventure dating a man in the Marine Corps, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

how they asked

Anton had convinced me that we were going to take family photos at a ping near his house. I believed him. He was dressed in his Dress Blues and I still had no idea. When we got to the gazebo, none of his family was there! So we took some selfies and waited for a little. Then he wrapped me in a hug and turned me around so I was facing a different direction. He said, “Amanda, you are the love of my life.” Then he let go of me and got on one knee!! I was freaking out jumping up and down (there’s a video! My friend was hiding in a bush recording) and then he asked me the question! I said “YES OF COURSE!” It was so magical! Then I saw the photographer hiding behind my car and my family walking over. It. Was. Perfect! Then afterward there was a BBQ with all of our family and friends waiting for us!

Special Thanks

Harlowe Lane
 | Photography