Amanda and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I work for the same company and a year and a half ago, we both happened to be in New Orleans at the same time for a work conference. At the time, he was living in Columbus, OH and I was living in Charlotte, NC. After meeting for the first time, we had to deliver a presentation together to a room full of 100 people (not nerve-wracking at all right!?). Thankfully everything went smoothly or this story might not have ended up the same way-ha! Andrew had a flight to catch right after the presentation wrapped up and he headed to the airport, while myself and two good friends who are also co-workers of mine went right down to French Quarter to enjoy a few beverages before a mandatory networking event we had to attend.

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I remember not being able to get him off my mind but knew he was on his way home and we might never be in the same place together again. However, fate had different plans… his coworker, last minute, was unable to attend the networking event and called him as he was about to board his flight back up to Columbus and asked him to switch his flight to the next day so one of them could be there. He ended up attending the happy hour with us and we hit it off instantly and ended up bar hopping all over Bourbon Street the entire night together. Hands down one of the best nights of my life!

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I didn’t know if this would go anywhere but when I got to the hotel room that night (at 4 am- yikes!) I found his cell phone number in an email and told him how much fun I had. I don’t think we went a minute that next day without communicating! He bought a plane ticket to Charlotte for a few weeks out, but me being the spontaneous person I am, booked a last-minute flight that Friday to spend the weekend in Columbus with him and after that weekend, I knew he was the one! We agreed it was well worth the long-distance and having to catch flights almost every weekend to see eachother. The good thing is, since both of us travel a lot for work, we had a blast meeting in all different cities and created so many amazing memories!

After 9 months, we finally decided to throw the towel in on the long-distance and move to Fort Lauderdale, FL together! We moved down with our two pups, who have also become inseparable! And the rest is history… :)

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How They Asked

My family is from PA and we’re a very very tight-knit group (I am also one of the lucky ones to still have all 4 grandparents). Even though I don’t live close to them, I am typically up there every 4-5 weeks. We had planned a trip up there over Easter and at which time, Andrew was planning on proposing (he had a whole day planned with my family that included wineries and a beautiful dinner in the countryside).

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When everything started shutting down due to COVID, we knew that it wasn’t going to be possible to travel up there for the Easter holiday and that would mean several months without seeing my family. Of course, I was crushed and was missing them all terribly (good thing I didn’t also know he was going to propose or that really may have pushed me over the edge!). Knowing how important my family is to me, Andrew held off proposing until we were finally able to get up there this Memorial Day weekend. Even though everything was closed, with the help of my parents and brother, he pulled off the best proposal I could ever ask for, with my family right thereafter to celebrate with us!

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