Amanda and Andrew

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How We Met

Amanda and Andrew met for dinner at Acapulco Mexican Restaurant on January 9, 2014 for their first date. Amanda arrived early of course, so Andrew was rushing to get there. They went inside, ate dinner, and sat talking for over 5 hours! Eventually, the staff was putting the chairs on the tables trying to get them out of there. They hit it off immediately and made their relationship official on January 26.

how they asked

Amanda and Andrew had planned a week long trip to Puerto Vallarta for their 3 year dating anniversary. On the date of their actual anniversary, they booked a romantic dinner show on a private island, lit up only by candles and torches. The Puerto Vallarta bay had been very windy all week, so the two level catamaran they had to take to the island was very rocky! Andrew kept trying to convince Amanda to stand with him on the front deck for a picture, but Amanda has awful balance and had to hold on to the railing the whole way to the island. It turns out Andrew wanted to propose on the boat, but it’s good he didn’t because Amanda probably would have fell in the ocean. Once they got to the island, everyone was directed to the outdoor theater for the contemporary dance show telling stories of their ancient civilization. When the show was over, everyone was ushered to the dinner buffet areas.

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Amanda and Andrew had to wait longer than others, so while they were sitting there Amanda playfully pinched Andrew’s butt. He jumped back a little because she almost grabbed the ring box! Of course Amanda had no idea. When it was finally their turn to be escorted to dinner, the lead director from our catamaran jumped in front of Andrew and said he would be taking them to a very special dinner spot! Andrew quickly turned around to tell Amanda he told the director it was their 3 year anniversary and that is why they get a special area. Amanda was in such awe of how romantic Andrew was being. He even held her hand twice that day, which never happens!

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They arrive at the dinner table and the view is breathtaking. They had a small two person table right on the sand above giant rocks with the waves crashing on them. No longer than 5 seconds after they were sat at their table, a GIANT wave splashes up over the rocks onto their table! Amanda and Andrew are soaked; the wave even pushed the glasses off the table! They both laughed because it was very fitting that nothing goes completely smooth for the couple. All the staff from their boat rushed over, mostly because they knew Andrew had planned to propose that night! Amanda thought they were just being courteous. They took Andrew’s shirt to go dry it, so Amanda got lucky and got to sit there with a half naked boyfriend for a while! Meanwhile, the other guests had not been around when the waved crashed, so as they filtered back to their tables Andrew got a few puzzling looks from people that were quite dressed up. Once they told them a wave came up, they laughed then awkwardly moved their own tables back a bit. Finally, Andrew told Amanda to just go get a plate of food, so she did. When she got back to the table, the staff had brought Andrew’s shirt back, so he said he was going to get some food also. Unbeknownst to Amanda, Andrew was actually going to grab the photographer from their catamaran so he would be ready to snap pictures of the proposal. Andrew came back to the table and put a half-filled plate of food down and when Amanda turned to look at him, he was kneeling down on one knee! She was completely shocked and initially yelled “shut up!”. Andrew then asked Amanda to marry him and she said yes of course! The photographer waited until she said yes to start taking pictures, but they all came out very beautifully and the couple looked happier than ever.

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