Amanda and Andres

Marriage Proposal Ideas in John Marshall ballrooms

How They Asked

Amanda’s boyfriend, Andres, asked her parents for her hand in marriage. He went ring shopping with them at their favorite jeweler. Then. . . he made arrangements with them to book Amanda’s dream wedding venue!

The couple had been talking about where and when they’d get married, and Amanda mentioned how much she loved The John Marshall Ballrooms. So the two of them drove down from their homes in DC Saturday morning so Andres could ’check out the venue.’

Little did Amanda know that Andres and her family had already picked the wedding date and booked the John Marshall as their venue!

When Amanda walked into the lobby of the venue, there was a staged area waiting for her with a cute sign with their wedding date painted on it, a beautiful bouquet of white roses, and festive balloons!

After Andres got down on one knee, their families came out from their hiding spot in front of the elevators to celebrate with the newly engaged couple! (His family came all the way from LA to be there!)

Where to Propose in John Marshall ballrooms

Special Thanks

Stacie Marshall
 | Photographer