Amanda and Alex

Image 1 of Amanda and AlexHow We Met: We met for the first time in 6th or 7th grade. Alex was friends with a kid that lived in my neighborhood and all the kids from the ‘hood’ hung out together. I had a major school girl crush on Alex for years after that. He ended up going to my high school for a short period of time but we both were in relationships.

Alex and I went our separate ways and reconnected through a mutual friend after college (who is now the best man in the wedding). The rest is history…

how they asked: Alex has a niece, Courtlyn, that we are very close with. We had scheduled a small photo shoot with Dyan Kethley, one of my friends, to get some photos of her. Alex had told me he had to work that morning and also mentioned that on his way to my apartment he pulled over to help a guy whose car had broken down so he had to go home and shower really quick.

When he got to my apartment, he started ironing about 5 different shirts and was saying weird things. As a wedding and event planner, I had all of the details of the photo session figured out weeks before and I had shared those details with him. He was saying things like, “Oh, we should go to this place to do her pictures.” After giving him a confused look, I said, “great idea since that’s where we were planning on going.” He told me he couldn’t decide what to wear, hence the ironing of all of the shirts, and I told him I didn’t think it mattered since the photos were going to be of Courtlyn.

We headed out to Lake Grapevine and started taking the pictures. Courtlyn is usually full of personality and so fun, but she was NOT feeling the photo shoot that day. The frustration of not being able to make her smile, combined with the insane Texas heat, had me in a pretty bad mood.

Alex wanted to take some of her sitting on a cliff so we headed up to one of the picnic areas, maybe 30 yards away. Alex said, “let’s drive” which made absolutely no sense to me, but I gave in and we headed up the hill. The cool air conditioning felt heavenly so once we got up the hill, I asked him to keep the truck on for just a minute so I could cool down. He was not having any of that and kept saying “come on, let’s go.” I got so frustrated and dramatically yelled, “I NEED A MINUTE. I’m so hot.” What a brat, I know.

After my minute was up, Alex and I were standing with Dyan on the edge, waiting for Alex’s mom and Courtlyn to drive up and meet us. Alex was standing so close to the edge so, of course, I told him to not fall and he said, “why don’t you come fall with me.” Now, Alex isn’t a very cheesy guy so I didn’t think anything of it and just walked over to him. I looked over the edge and saw “Will You Marry Me” painted on the side of the cliff.

Image 2 of Amanda and Alex

At this point, I thought it was leftover from someone else’s proposal so I looked at him with a funny face which is when he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. “YES!”

Image 3 of Amanda and Alex

Image 4 of Amanda and Alex

He had planned a special day for us which included getting my hair and makeup done and dinner at my favorite restaurant. It was such a fun and well-planned day, and I can’t wait to spend forever together!

Photography by Dyan Kethley Photography