Amanda and Airy

How We Met

Airy and I met each other at a job interview. According to Airy it was love at first sight. I realized he was interested (his eyes couldn’t hide it) and turned down the job, at the time there was no word exchanged about any of it. Months went by and Airy insisted in meeting me, despite all my late replies and lack of attention towards him. One day I decided to accept his invitation to dinner, from that day on we haven’t stopped seen each other.

how they asked

Airy and I spent most of our lives together traveling. We love each other as much as we love sharing adventures and experiences together. For awhile I had the impression Airy was going to pop-up the question, but then, nothing. Until, surprisingly, one day, he asked me on a trip to Florence (my favorite, most romantic city on earth). I was so excited, (that was the first time we would go to Florence together!) Except that this time, Airy was waiting for me in a private plane!! When the pilot mentioned we would land in Florence in the next 30 min, Airy grabbed a champagne, stayed in one knee and from that moment I couldn’t hear the sound coming out of his lips, my world was spinning so fast, I was crying, trembling, all I wanted to do was to hug him, feel his arms. I barely saw my ring! For a while I felt as if I was in a dream… and indeed my life from the moment I’ve met him has been nothing but a dream.