Amanda and Adolfo

How We Met

Like many relationships, we met at work. Me, an ambitious museum nerd and him, a soft-hearted giant met while working at a small airport. What started as a curious spark over a few drinks ignited quickly as we bonded over hopes, dreams, fears, and obstacles and before the night was over we had our first kiss in front of a helicopter.

How They Asked

Our first official date bled into an evening stroll around DC where we ended up spending hours talking with ease on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Every few months we come back to our “spot” where we reminisce on where it all began and how far our relationship has come. On a random Thursday afternoon, he suggested we go on a date to our spot. As we casually walked down the mall, around the Washington monument, and ascended up the stairs, the air around us seemed to change.

Proposal Ideas Lincoln Memorial

And in one fell swoop, he knelt down and asked me to be his wife. Everything around me fell silent as I listened to his words and accepted his proposal without apprehension. And right there, in front of a large crowd of strangers, my favorite president, and city we call our home, our next chapter began.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lincoln Memorial

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