Amanda and Adam

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How We Met

Adam and I met almost two years ago and discovered we both have a love for the outdoors and exploring. About eight months ago I was told the Navy would be sending me to Arizona for a six week school.

how they asked

We immediately began planning a road trip from there back to Virginia with the goal of hitting as many National Parks as possible. The trip started out by stopping in Sedona to hike Bell Rock. Adam had been really irritated all day and when we realized we forgot the camera tripod and remote in the car. As we got closer to the top I began to get nervous so I stopped and waited for him to decide if he was going higher or not. He found a spot and called me to it and we sat watching the sunset for a little while.

When the red in the rocks began to turn an amazing deep color he said we should take a picture. I agreed and he began to set up his iPhone to try and get a shot. He placed two small rocks where we should stand and then propped his phone on a bigger rock hoping it wouldn’t fall. I was under the impression he was setting the timer so when he stepped away from the phone I was rushing him to get back to the spot to stand with me. But he was in no rush. Walking over then rummaging through his bag. I was impatient because the sun was going down so I turned toward the view and when I turned back there he was on one knee!

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I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal or a better man.

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