Amanda and Aaron

How We Met

Aaron and I met through an online dating company. A high school classmate and friend of mine actually worked for the company and encouraged me to sign up. I never even dreamed it would lead to something this great! Aaron and I started talking and soon found we had a lot in common such as our love for traveling and even our initials AJ, which soon became a nickname for each other. On our first date we met to go ice skating! Aaron played hockey growing up and was excited to show off his skills! He offered to tie my skates for me and from that moment, I knew he would always be there to take care of me! As they say, the rest is history!

how they asked

Aaron and I have been dating for 4 years. Along with our friends and family, I have been anxiously awaiting the day Aaron would ask me to marry him. Little did I know he was planning to completely surprise me when I least expected it! I’m a teacher, so I was coming home from school on what I thought was a normal Friday afternoon. I walked into my apartment and almost tripped over one of my breakfast nook bar stools. This doesn’t belong here! (Aaron had obviously pulled it into my entryway so I couldn’t miss it.) On the stool sat a card which included a clue, chocolate, and some puzzle pieces.

Aaron was sending me on a scavenger hunt and I was only hoping I knew what was going to be at the end! My heart was racing with excitement, was this really happening!? The puzzle pieces were painted blue and yellow, but I couldn’t really make out what the final picture could be. Aaron had obviously made it himself and that already meant so much to me! One of our hobbies is to craft together. I couldn’t wait to see what the finished puzzle would look like. The first and second clues led me around my apartment where I found more clues, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and some more puzzle pieces! When I found the third clue I noticed the homemade puzzle pieces had some orange writing and a red heart! Each clue was written in what I could tell were some very sweet cards, but I was too excited to read the outside note, all I wanted was the clue! This third clue told me, “Please come join me with all your puzzle pieces and let’s get crafty together one more time,”. Honestly at this point I was freaking out! Was this for real?! I couldn’t wait any longer! I got in my car and raced to find my next clue at Aaron’s house. When I arrived, there sat yet another clue and more puzzle pieces, and a nervous looking boyfriend. I got so excited when I learned the last clue was upstairs, I grabbed all my puzzle pieces and took off! I was headed to the guest room we had just recently painted together, decorated with memories from our four years of travels together, and covered with my globe collection. The room that was already filled with so many memories was the perfect place to make more memories together. The last clue and remaining puzzle pieces sat among my globe collection and beautifully lit candles. The last clue asked me to solve the puzzle. Of course as nervous as I was, this task seemed very daunting. With his help, Aaron and I started to assemble the puzzle. Once we had more than just the outside edges, the picture started to become clear. Aaron had painted our home states of Indiana and New York. The red hearts I had seen earlier, were placed over the location of our hometowns. If I wasn’t already crying, the tears started to well up in my eyes. When the puzzle was complete, I looked down to see the words, “Will you marry me?” At this point, Aaron was already on one knee holding the most beautiful ring. He repeated the words on the puzzle and I said YES! I was so touched by the thought and creativity Aaron put into the proposal! It was definitely worth the wait!

Image 1 of Amanda and Aaron

Image 2 of Amanda and Aaron

Image 3 of Amanda and Aaron