Amanda and Alex

Image 1 of Amanda and Alex

How We Met

In the spring of 2014, we were both serving at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. At a training meeting we both attended for an upcoming missions trip, that’s when I first laid eyes on her. Something clicked in my mind and heart and I just KNEW I was going to marry this woman. This partly sounds insane because she had absolutely zero clue who I was or that I even existed. After that began weeks of Facebook/Instagram stalking including a time in which she declined to let me follow her (She was playing hard to get). Finally, during one of our Easter services at church, we were in the back green room eating dinner with tons of other people, so I parted my hair, checked to see if their was food in my teeth, and walked over and said “Hello, I am Alex, what is your name.” From that moment until now we have never looked back. On February 16th, 2017, almost 3 years since that day, I got down on one knee and asked Amanda Kelly to marry me and SHE SAID YES!!!

how they asked

One of our closest friends, Erica Paul (@ericasade) is an absolutely amazing photographer. Throughout our relationship she would take us out together and individually and have a photo shoot with us. Erica and I got together and decided to collaborate. She was going to schedule a morning breakfast and photo shoot with Amanda on Palm Beach Island. That day Amanda was expecting me to be at work all that up in Stuart. Erica took her to a bunch of extremely cool spots on the Island and they took some pictures. However, I was hiding at the last spot they were going to go to, Banyon Tree. Erica positioned Amanda in front of the tree and made her close her eyes to pose, as i walked up behind her. Pictured below is the exact moment RIGHT before Amanda saw me. At this moment she had absolutely ZERO clue that I was there or that she was about to be proposed too.

Image 2 of Amanda and Alex

She turned around and jumped because I scared her, I then grabbed her by the hands and said “I have something I really need to ask you”, and walked her over a couple feet under the tree. I looked her in her eyes and said “Ever since the first time I saw you at our church meeting, I knew that I was going to marry you.” I then got down on one knee and popped the question. Pictured below is the moment I asked her to marry me and she is literally doing a happy dance while screaming “YES!!!”

Image 3 of Amanda and Alex

We then took some other cool pics after she said yes.

Image 4 of Amanda and Alex

Image 5 of Amanda and Alex

Special Thanks

Erica Paul
 | Photography
Zach Perrotti
 | Helped me plan the location