Aman and Bryan

Image 1 of Aman and Bryan

It was the morning of February 20, 2015. My plans today were to go to the airport with my best friend to pick up her “new guy” so I get ready and wait for her to pick me up. The doorbell rings, my sister calls for me, I come downstairs to the door and it’s a driver of a limousine. He tells me he has strict instructions for me, I was so surprised had no idea what was going on. The first stop he makes is Starbucks as directed by my fiancé with my Starbucks order ready to go. We get to Vancouver and I see Bryan standing at the doorstep of the Shangri La hotel with flowers and some envelopes. I knew today was the big day. He had three envelopes ready for each phase of the day. I opened the first envelope and then he took me shopping. Second envelope we went for a drive where a helicopter was awaiting us. We saw the entire view of Vancouver city. He landed the helicopter in this “jungle in the woods” with a beautiful pond. My my heart was beating so fast I knew the moment was right around the corner. We get out of the helicopter and go for a little walk and then the man of my dreams gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him….I was in tears, I’ve never felt a happiness this. It doesn’t end here, now I open the third envelope and it was time to get ready for a photo shoot he had arranged for the both us. We ended the night off with a beautiful dinner.