Amal and Kareem

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How We Met

We met on vacation at Fontainebleau in Miami in 2018. We’ve been doing long-distance ever since and it has worked out so well for us.

How They Asked

My boyfriend and I have been separated through this whole pandemic, I saw him only one time this year during my pregnancy. He came to one ultrasound. That was it. He lives in the US and I live in Canada, literally on either side of the border. I’ve never felt so close but so far. My sleepless nights were spent alone, when it was too difficult to get out of bed, he wasn’t there for me to reach over to. It was painful for both of us. We had to wait until our beautiful daughter was born in order for him to visit.

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Canada was allowing visitors of immediate family members, so he had to present her birth certificate to show proof. When he finally got on his plane, and after his 14 days of isolation… he took our little family to Niagara Falls and he made the decision to unify our family once and for all. He got down on one knee and changed my life forever. It just goes to show that not even distance or a global pandemic will ever keep us apart. Our proposal went viral here in Canada because of my blunt response and reaction to see him on one knee “ARE YOU DUMB?” LOL!

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