Alyssia and Cory

How We Met

We met while working together at our local Dairy Queen. We decided that we would just be friends, because she was dating someone else at the time. After they broke up we ended up becoming closer, talking all the time, and hanging out more often. We were going to wait until I came back home from school on my Christmas break to try and give dating a try. Once I had moved, we had decided it was foolish to wait for something that we both really wanted. Two years later here we are engaged and have never been happier. We have been through so much together and I wouldn’t have asked to spend my life with anyone else!

how they asked

It was our last night in Disney World while on a family vacation. We had dressed up as Ariel and Eric because that is her favorite movie. Everything was decorated for Christmas time, she had always dreamed of being at Disney during Christmas time! Anna and Elsa from Frozen had just finished lighting Cinderella’s Castle and I asked her mom to take a picture of us in front of the castle. We took a couple of pictures and she started walking away from me. I grabbed her hand a pulled her back towards me. This is when things got messy! I fumbled in my pocket for the ring that I thought I had out in there. To my surprise there was no ring, she looked around to try and figure out what was going on. I looked over to her her dad who told me to just do it anyways. I got down on one knee and she began to laugh, in disbelief on what was about to happen. I took her by the hand, looked into her eyes and asked her to marry me. She began to cry as all of this was a dream come true to her. I was so nervous and happy all at the same time that I too began to cry. Between tears she muttered out a “yes” and the crowd around us began to cheer.She looked at me and asked “is this a joke?” We ended up buying a different ring at the Pandora store on Main Street USA, it wasn’t much but I could tell that she loved it!

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Image 2 of Alyssia and Cory

This will be a day that I cherish forever!

“I can’t promise no fairy tale, but you’ll be the queen in any castle I build.”- Ron Pope

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