Alyssa and Michael

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How We Met

How else can I start but to describe how much Michael is an angel in my life. We met at work but I was in another relationship at the time. I found out a year later from another co-worker that Michael had a crush on me and in his words told her I would make the perfect wife. I ended my previous relationship which I was not happy in to say the least. I ended up perusing Michael because I knew he wouldn’t make a move since I just got out of the relationship. We have been together for almost 3 years and everyday gets better than the last! He brings out the best version of me and still manages to make me giddy!

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how they asked

Ever since I was little I’ve had a slight (OK not slight maybe even unhealthy) love for Disney. I’ve always dreamed of a price whisking me away to a fairy-tale castle and living happily ever after. Of course being an adult you realize we can’t all be Kate Middleton. However, I actually got my fairy-tale price.

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He planned this day without me realizing what was happening until it happened. He asked my mom and my sister for my hand in marriage on Christmas 2016. He knew he had to get their permission first because since my dad passed away they are my number one support system. Not only did he plan my sister, her daughter (my precious nine month niece Lyla), and my mom being present. He also invited my best friends and his as well! Everyone was present to witness the best day of our lives. He also happened to propose in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

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There was my fantasy since I was a young girl coming true. Michael and myself moved to Florida only a few months ago so my friends came down from Atlanta to visit me. My sister and Lyla also planned a trip down the same weekend. You would think I would have figured out what was happening but Michael kept throwing me off saying since we just moved he was saving up for a ring. I was in a complete and emotional daze as all of his friends and my mom as well came out of nowhere to film the video I attached. Please don’t hate us for being cheesy and wearing matching shirts ?!

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