Alyssa and Luigerr

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how we met

Luigerr and I both grew up in the same church. Our church was so big that although we attended the same one for most of our childhood, we never got to meet until later on. We vaguely remember being introduced to each other as kids by our mutual friends, but we were very young and paid no attention to our first meeting. It wasn’t until we both moved to a smaller church that we got to know each other and later became good friends.

how they asked

On one very ordinary Thursday, Luigerr picked me up from a work function. After dinner, he drove me home and turned into the golf course. As he pulled up to the front of the golf course, I saw a trail of lanterns that lead to a gorgeous floral arch that was lit up with fairy lights.

My heart started racing as my mind tried to piece together what was happening. Luigerr got out of the car and disappeared behind the car. He popped up at the passenger door and opened it for me. He was now wearing a blazer and smiled at me as he held out his hand to help me out of the car. As I got out, there was a post with a sign that said “I love you” and he handed me a pair of heels to change into.

We walked towards the path of lanterns and as we reached the start of it, “Not a bad thing” by Justin Timberlake started playing through the speakers. I couldn’t comprehend how I was just at work during the day and he somehow managed to get this beautiful proposal together without me knowing.

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Luigerr said a few words and explained why he chose that day to propose to me. According to him, 6 years prior to that date, he told me he liked me. Although, he never really told me he liked me as he chickened out and asked what if he told me, hypothetically, that he liked me. So in his proposal, he asked me in the most un-hypothetical way to marry him.

After I said yes, my parents, sister and one of my best friends came running and screaming out of the dark. I was so happy I could share such a beautiful night with my loved ones. It was a wonderful team effort and I soon learned that they were all in on the plans for weeks and managed to get the whole proposal together. The Proposal Squad bought flowers at 4am that morning, made the floral arch and put petals all over the ground. They set the golf course up hours before I arrived and waited in the rain.

It was the most perfect proposal and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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