Alyssa J and Scott

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How We Met

Scott and I met while working at the same coffee shop. This coffee shop is pretty unique, it is in our local hospital. We became good friends pretty quickly and hung out all the time. Within a year of meeting, COVID hit so we needed to quarantine. Thankfully, our coffee shop was small enough that we were able to have our bubble include each other. We saw each other almost every day, whether that was Scott calling over Facebook video or me going over to play Animal Crossing, we made sure to see each other. By June of 2020, we were dating! Yay!

How They Asked

One of the first road trips Scott and I ever took was to a little town called Wamego, Kansas. We picked Wamego because it was only about an hour from our house, and we stopped in a few other small towns on the way. This place held a special place in both of our hearts.

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One day, I brought up going to Wamego one night because we would both be off work and needed a fun day together. The next morning we drove the short while to Friendship House in Wamego for a nice little brunch before walking around the town. We are at our brunch in the park near the big, beautiful Dutch windmill. Then we walked over the yellow brick road to the Wizard of Oz museum. It was so cute! Then we walked back to the park to take some pictures at the windmill, just like we did last time.

After a few minutes of Scott taking pictures, I accidentally noticed my sister taking pictures! As soon as I saw her I turned to him and started crying. He talked to me about the life we are planning together, the life we are building. And then he got down on one knee and proposed with the most beautiful ring!

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As soon as he put the ring on my finger, I told him that it was hilarious that he chose that day to do it because I also had a surprise for him. I had been planning to propose to him that day as well! So I pulled out my ring, got down on one knee and told him I loved him, and asked him to marry me. It was so beautiful.

Scott had apparently been planning this day with my sister for a few weeks, but at the last minute changed his mind because he was worried about driving that far without spoiling it!

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