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How We Met

Anthony and I met in high school, and he has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. We both went to a tech school, me for cosmetology, and him for electrical, and sat on the bus from our high school to our trade school every day for 2 years. We shared a locker and we were always together. We are some of the lucky few that were able to take a friendship and turn it into a relationship that has turned my world into a dream. After crushing over this man since I was 16 years old, 5 years later I found out the feelings were mutual, and we started dating. We have had our fair share of ups and downs but at the end of the day, he was always the one for me.

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Anthony and I are avid travelers; we have been known to go on some pretty ridiculous adventures together. We constantly encourage each other to do things we normally wouldn’t do, and step completely out of our comfort zones. Being scared of sharks, we went scuba diving in Thailand a few years back. Last year we planned a trip to the most remote parts of Madagascar you could imagine. This past trip, we took new adventures to the next level and my now fiancé asked me to adventure into a life together, forever. Our trip had been planned for months, and I being the control freak that I am, always plan our trips. Anthony is easy going in the sense that we decide on places to go together, but I make all the arrangements. We were more than excited to spend 16 days together, exploring Bali, Singapore, and the Maldives.

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Little did I know, the trip I was planning was going to be even more special than I could have ever imagined. Because we both have full time jobs, our time on our trips is always limited, so naturally I pack about as much activity as possible. We rarely stay in one place for too long, and we are always on the go. We arrived in Bali late on a Sunday night, after traveling for 22 hours. We got to our first hotel and slept off a long day of traveling, to wake up the next morning at 5 am to catch a ferry to our first destination, Gili Air. Anthony and I had been looking at pictures of swings in the ocean there that looked like an jaw-dropping sunset and picture spot, and these sunsets were the main focus of our expedition to this tiny island. Gili Air is so small that they don’t even have cars there, so everything is in walking distance. We got to our hotel and changed into beach wear, and my first instinct was to explore the island in the morning, because we were only spending one day here. Anthony resisted in wandering far from the hotel, which is not his typical demeanor. He insisted that instead of venturing off, we snorkel and lounge right by the hotel. After being difficult about this decision, I eventually gave up and we did as he wished.

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At about 4 in the afternoon, Anthony suggested we get massages at the spa next to the beach bungalow we were staying in. As we walked up to the spa, he told me he was sunburnt, and told me to just get a massage by myself. Confused by this request, given this was our first full day of vacation and I wanted to spend it together, I again, being the difficult and stubborn person I am, put up a fight about this. After arguing about this, he eventually got me irritated enough that I was more than happy to go alone. He told me he would wait for me at the bar by the beach. I got a half hour massage, when he thought I was going for an hour. When I was done I looked for him at the bar, and he was nowhere to be found. As panic set in, I ventured up the beach to find him, assuming he was wandering around. Tears welled up in my eyes when I was starting to worry that something had happened to him, because it is not like him to just leave me somewhere, especially in a foreign country. As I made my way back, I spotted him walking towards me, wearing a ridiculous Hawaiian shirt covered in swordfish that he got in Mexico a few years back.

He saw I was upset and immediately felt bad, and explained he was looking for the swing set we were so set on being at for the sunset. He then led the way to the swing, a 20 minute walk that I don’t think I said one word on. We arrived at the swing set, and we laid on the lounge chairs lined up by some bars facing the swings. We are also really into photography and using our GoPro, so when Anthony set up the camera on a tripod, and attached the GoPro, I thought nothing of it, given we take thousands of pictures everywhere we go. He suggested we watch a man that was close by that had a very professional looking camera set up, because “he knew what he was doing” according to Anthony, and when he started snapping shots of the sunset, we should too. It was rainy season in Bali, so we were lucky the weather not only held up, but the clouds remaining made for a breathtaking sunset. When the man nearby started setting up to get in some shots, Anthony suggested we take some as well. He set up his camera to use a remote so we could take a picture in front of a beautiful sunset together. As we prepared to take a picture, Anthony turned to me and said “Wait, this is really special moment”, and I looked at him completely confused and asked, “Why?” It was then, that this wonderful man got down on one knee and held out the ring of my dreams and simply asked “Will you marry me?” Of course, the shock was unbearable and we are still unsure of how long it took for me to actually utter the words “Of course” but I did eventually get there after some brief profanity and complete disbelief.

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After this moment, that I have been dreaming of for an entire decade took place, we hugged and kissed as the whole beach cheered and clapped for us. Anthony screamed “She said yes!” in excitement, which is pretty unlike him to make a spectacle like this. He then pointed at the man we had been watching take pictures, and he then told me that it was OUR photographer he had hired before we even left for vacation. I pulled myself together after experiencing the happiest tears of my life and then we spent the next half hour smiling ear to ear as our photographer, Alfred, took shots of our bliss, on and off the swings.

Alyssa and Anthony's Engagement in Gili Air, Indonesia

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Thankfully, Alfred had a hotspot on his phone, and I was able to video chat our close friends and family to relay the news. Anthony had only told my father what he was planning, when he went to ask my father’s permission at his office the Wednesday before we left. He knew how important this was to me, and my father somehow didn’t let anything out before we left. All of our friends and family could not have been happier for us, or surprised. We spent the next two weeks enjoying our engagement while traveling around Bali, Singapore, and the Maldives. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to start our trip, or a more memorable way to be asked something so special. My favorite place will forever be Gili Air, Indonesia.

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Anthony and I will officially become Mr. and Mrs. Favoroso on 7.7 of next year, our 7th anniversary, and we couldn’t be more excited for our best adventure yet.

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