Alyssa and Will

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How We Met

I was born and raised in a little sleepy seaside town called Mystic, Connecticut. I had an incredible childhood and the most amazing memories growing up by my Dad’s side, sails flying high in the wind and hands on the wheel of our beautiful sailboat. When it was time to head off to college, I decided to leave my Northeast roots and head down to sunny Florida. As I was wrapping up my senior year of college, my Mom called me and dropped a bombshell. Dad was having issues with his heart, and needed major surgery. After graduation, I moved back to Connecticut to help out my Mom with Dad – while my brother was still in Law School in California. Days grew to years and we eventually needed to transition him into an assisted living facility. He slowly transitioned from walking, to a wheelchair and I was lucky enough to spend some of the most amazing few years by his side throughout the whole thing. I will never forget those years before he passed away, we had some amazing quality time together where he not only became my superhero, but also my best friend. I’ve always had a strong intuition, something in my heart that has guided me my whole life.

After Dad passed, I prayed and prayed for him to come visit me, so I could feel his presence one more time (as I’m writing this the lights just flickered!). Three days later… he came to me in a dream. I call it a dream because thats the best way to describe it (I’m having chills writing this!) but it was so real, I felt like he was truly with me again. He sat on the side of my bed, leaned over and kissed my side which I felt “woke me up”. I knew in my dream he was there, with me, letting me know he was ok. He looked so young and handsome and healthy. I’ll never forget it. I had this odd feeling my time with him was short and I started to sense he was starting to leave me, and I said to him “Dad wait. Before you go, I need you to do something to for me. Will you make sure I fall in love and find my soulmate.” Somehow in my dream, he showed me a phone. And on it, I will NEVER forget this!! He showed me a picture of this man who’s face I don’t remember perfectly, but he had dark hair and light brown eyes. And that was it, I woke up and just cried and said “thank you” out loud. I knew he was there with me one last time.

Fast forward three years. I spoke to a psychic who was highly recommended from a friend. I said why not! And called her. She told me at the end of August, I’d meet this man who would totally blow me away. Not only was he my soul mate, but he was THE one. He had dark hair and hazel eyes, he lived in the same state but not the same city and we’d be in the same industry but different facets of it. She said we’d both be at a work convention, and we’d meed at a social event that mutually brought us there. She told me to say YES to every opportunity that presented itself because thats how we’d meet – if August came and went and I didn’t meet anyone she said I would have missed my opportunity. (PS I have the actual recording of the reading still!)

At the end of August, I was working a real estate convention in Orlando and I spotted this man at the event. I mentioned to my girlfriend Jenna how handsome he was, she said “Go say ‘Hi!’” I said, “No way, if we’re supposed to meet, I’ll meet him somehow.” Later that night, we went to dinner and remembering what the psychic said, I said ‘yes’ and agreed to have one more drink at the hotel bar. Well… 30 minutes before 12am, August 31 2015 – I saw that same man from earlier walk into the bar. The man with dark hair and light hazel eyes. Minutes later, he and his friend walked over to us and he introduced himself to me. Come to find out, exactly like what the psychic said, we were in the same industry but different facets – him in Commercial Real Estate and myself in Residential. He lived in Florida like me, but an hour and a half north… same state, different city. That night I couldn’t sleep, I texted my best friend Katie at 5:30am and wrote to her, “I think I just met my soulmate that the psychic told me about.” And… the rest is history!

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how they asked

Will and I had been planning on getting a puppy together, she was born in November and we’d be able to bring her home first week in January. We’ve been going back and forth for weeks about what to call her, but Will was reluctant to decide on a name until we got her home and could make sure the name fit her personality. Weeks went by, and eventually the name “Rosie” kinda stuck, even though we still hadn’t gotten to spend the time we wanted with her yet.

Will was traveling for work, Dec 21-22 while I was back home getting the house ready and packing so we could leave super early the following morning for Connecticut. Last year we spent the holidays apart and I was SO excited for Will to visit Connecticut this year so he could finally meet some of my family and friends that he hadn’t had a chance to meet yet. He told me earlier in the day that his family wanted to drive down (they live 30 minutes north) to take us out to dinner since his Grandfather, cousin and sisters had just gotten into town. Now me being the OCD overly organized planner I am, was rushing around like a crazy person to make sure the house was clean, laundry was done, presents wrapped and suitcases packed before everyone got there. I jumped in the shower, sat at the kitchen counter and started wrapping presents while Will made his way back home around 4pm. He kissed me hello, and went to drop his overnight bag in our room.

Minutes later, he into the kitchen where I was sitting and had a flat square box in his hand. He handed it to me explaining “it’s just a little something” he wanted to give me before our trip. First, I told him he was silly because we both agreed our trip to Connecticut and then Vermont for the holidays would be our gifts to each other so to speak (and lord know’s I didn’t get him anything because I THOUGHT that was our plan!) but excitedly I went ahead and started jiggling it back and forth and jokingly asked, “is it an amazon gift card??” I went ahead and opened the box to find a sparkling new red dog collar.

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I was expecting to see “Rosie” thoughtfully engraved on the tag when I turned it over, instead to my absolute surprise I read the words ‘Marry Me?’ instead. In total shock, I turned around to find Will on one knee. I think I said “are you kidding me??” and “is this a joke??” about 100 times before he said, “well is that a yes??” and I screamed YES! And kissed him.

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About an hour later, his family arrived and we were able to celebrate with all of them over dinner and then flew to Connecticut the next morning (dirty house and all!) where we continued the celebrations with my family and friends back home. It was absolutely perfect and was impeccable timing I couldn’t have planned it any better.

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