Alyssa and Vincent

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How We Met

Alyssa and I officially met in October of 2016 at a wedding where we were both part of the wedding party. We probably should’ve met a lot sooner though. The bride and groom of the wedding had been trying to set me up with her for months before the wedding, but for different reasons we were not able to connect. We even ended up texting a bit a couple months before the wedding where she offered to give me dance lessons for the wedding. I never ended up following through (I’ll never live that down) and so we met, in person, for the first time at the wedding. We both had dates and so we never ended up talking that much that night. It wasn’t until January that we ended up connecting again. We started getting to know each other and going on dates together, our first two being to a Tampa Bay Lightning game and then our next to the Florida Aquarium. We made it a goal to do date night as frequently as possible, but also to try to new things together as often as possible. I think that played a part in why I fell in love with her as quickly as I did. We clicked very quickly. Everything was easy with her and it just felt right. We still continue to do this and try new things together and I couldn’t imagine going on those adventures and trying things with anyone else.

how they asked

It wasn’t very long into our relationship that I knew Alyssa would be the person I marry and the one I want to spend forever with. I was swept off my feet very quickly with her. When I knew I was ready to propose, my first step was talking to her parents, finding a way I could do that without her knowing or suspecting. After receiving their blessing, I took a vacation day from work to spend it ring shopping. I had plenty of hints from her and her Pinterest page as to what type of ring she liked so I was able to pick out the perfect ring. I spent about a month after buying the ring planning the proposal and doing my best not to spoil the surprise while keeping her family in the loop because I wanted them to be part of the special day.

I decided that going out to dinner as part of our 6-month anniversary would be a good cover for the proposal. We spent the couple days before shopping for a dress for the evening and I made sure to get her a gift card to the nail salon so her nails would be perfect. Her mom even made sure that her hair was done. I knew that she would want to take pictures. I planned a whole evening and showed up to her house to pick her up with a gift box that she wasn’t allowed to open until the end of the night.

We went to dinner and I was so excited and nervous for what was to come that I could hardly eat. I remember looking across the table at her, she looked so beautiful that night, and thinking of how I can’t wait to ask her to marry me and I can’t wait to do dinners like this, with her, forever. When we finished dinner we walked a couple of minutes to our next surprise of the evening, a Cinderella carriage ride through Downtown St. Petersburg. It was something she had always wanted to do, and I really wanted her to feel like a princess because that’s how I’ve always pictured her to me. We took about an hour tour around downtown and along the water before we stopped at a fountain in St. Pete.

I had a couple of art canvases set up, one an acrostic poem asking her to marry and the other one of my favorite bible verses about love, along with rose petals scattered around the canvases along the ground. It was a fountain that we had walked to and stopped at several months earlier. We stopped and sat at a bench there and I remember looking over at her thinking about how amazing she was and how she would be the one I eventually marry. It was the perfect spot to tell her that, tell her how much she meant to me, and then ask her to marry me.

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I had her carry around a gift box the entire night that I hid the ring in. I thought it was a cool idea that she carried it around the entire night. I also had a fiancée t-shirt in the box. After she said yes, I pointed out the hidden photographers, close family friends of hers, who took some amazing photographs for us.

We ended the night with drinks and dessert with both of our families that I had waiting at a nearby restaurant. It was the perfect end to a perfect evening.

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Special Thanks

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