Alyssa and Tyler

How We Met

We went to high school together but didn’t really know each other much at all. The summer after we graduated our group of friends happened to be hanging out together and that’s how we met. We had both just gotten out of relationships that weren’t the greatest. He had the courage to ask me to hang out & I said yes.

Alyssa and Tyler's Engagement in Hawaii

I’ll never forget our first date going to Buffalo Wild Wings and walking around Bass Pro Shop as I had never been there before. I kept thinking to myself what are we doing here this place is so outdoorsy but Tyler’s sense of humor made the night enjoyable. I loved the fact that he was able to make me laugh and smile all night! Ever since that night, the rest was history & we’ve been together ever since.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hawaii

Proposal Ideas Hawaii

how they asked

Tyler proposed while we were on vacation in Hawaii with my family. He planned a dinner for just the two of us while my family went snorkeling, saying it was a belated birthday dinner being that we had left for Hawaii the day after my birthday. It was a beautiful restaurant on the beach with an amazing view! I could tell he was in a rush but I didn’t know why. He wanted to time it right for the sunset and as we got there we passed the hostess stand and went straight to the beach in amazed of the view. He then started telling me all these lovely things & popped the question.

I was shocked and of course, said yes as I had been hinting that it was time for an engagement after going on six years together lol. I could hear cheering in the background & a waiter came out to tell us congratulations and take pictures for us. It was so beautiful with the most amazing view that I’ll never forget!