Alyssa and Stephen

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How We Met

We met while at Grove City College in September of my freshman year and Stephen’s junior year, at a church college luncheon. After a brief conversation about how much I love tennis, we decided to play IM tennis together in the fall. That was a blast, and a great way to get to know each other! (Even our not-so-beautiful competitive sides)

Although.. we did not officially hang out until March of the spring semester! (6 months later) We would hang out and play Rummy or watch movies with a bunch of friends, that eventually became our little crew. We all clicked so easily! After another 6 weeks of spending more time together, and sometimes alone, he finally asked me to be his girlfriend! In the gazebo on lower campus, on Sunday, April 28, 2013.

It was so easy since we had the support of all of our friends! But then he graduated that next Spring, beginning the long-distance relationship we have grown accustomed to. As the conversations about the future became more often, I started to wonder when he was going to pop the question!

how they asked

On Friday, January 15, 2016, we took a day trip to Baltimore Inner Harbor. We walked around all day, shopping and drinking coffee. We were walking along the water when he said “so there’s a reason i brought you here” and reached in his pocket, got down on his knee! I’m pretty sure i said “are you kidding?!” 5 times!! He said “I don’t know what to say, but i love you so much and want to spend my life with you. Alyssa, will you marry me?” OMG after asking if he was kidding a few more times, i said “YES!” kissed him, he put the ring on my finger, we cried and hugged, and i was in awe all night! how did i not see it coming?? We did dinner at Uno Chicago pizza and grille, which was yummy! Then walked through the entire Baltimore Aquarium.

What an amazing day!!! Telling my family and friends was probably the best part. Everyone was so excited and supportive!