Alyssa and Stephen

How We Met

In February of 2016 at the age of 25, I found myself living back in my small hometown teaching at a nearby school. I had recently gotten out of a very tumultuous relationship and was feeling discouraged about ever meeting someone who I could see myself with long term. One evening while having some drinks with friends we decided I should get on a dating app to see who was out there and broaden my options a little bit. As we scrolled I came across Stephen. I immediately thought he was really cute in a dorky sort of way and realized that I recognized him. I made the connection that he was the brother of a friend of mine who I’d gone to university with. I gave him a “like” and didn’t think much else of it as these apps typically only appealed to creeps. Two days later I woke up to a message on my way to work asking me “how my Friday was going.” This message seemed innocent enough and not at all creepy so I engaged in the conversation. Quickly we realized how much we had in common, our taste in music, mutual friends and sense of humor. We spent the next 5 days chatting via text non-stop until eventually, Stephen suggested that we meet in person, but he, unfortunately, lived an hour and a half away at this time. Without hesitation, he offered to drive to me after work one day and spend the evening getting to know each other. This was our first official date. He showed up at my house with his guitar in one hand and my favorite bottle of wine in the other. We spent the entire evening chatting, sharing music and singing along together as he played and sang for me with his guitar. The connection was immediate and strangely familiar. From that day forward I don’t think we have spent more than a few days apart, within 6 months he made the move to come live with me, we have rescued two cats and a dog and bought a house together. We have been together for two and a half years, and I suspected that a proposal may be coming soon as we had talked about it openly. However, nothing could prepare me for how they asked.

how they asked

It was this past August, my 28th birthday. We made the drive four hours to the capital city to spend the night with my brother, his brother and our friends and to take care of some errands, the first being purchasing a new vehicle. Stephen asked me where I wanted to go to eat, I told him Piatto (my favorite pizza place) and he promptly took care of the reservation and even went ahead and invited all my friends. The only other thing to consider was getting our vehicle to the dealership to trade it and pick up our new SUV. Seems simple enough, right? Well after dropping me to a hair appointment, Stephen got into an accident leaving the parking lot to take our vehicle to the dealership. $4000 of damage and a lot of stress later we finally got things sorted and made it to our dinner reservation. They seated us upstairs in a private room, all my friends ordered their food and drinks and then they suggested I open my presents while we wait for the pizza. Stephen suggested I open his last.

Proposal Ideas At one of my favorite restaurants in a private room.

Finally, when I got to him, there was no present just two cards. The first card had tickets to the Grand Ole Opry to see my favorite country singer which alone brought me to tears. I was totally confused as to what the second card could be but did not think much of it. Then I opened it and he had instructed me to read it out loud. I started reading and immediately knew what was coming as I said the words out loud in between tears. When I finished I turned and there he was on one knee with a ring and in his true goofy fashion he said: “wanna marry me or what?”.

Alyssa's Proposal in At one of my favorite restaurants in a private room.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At one of my favorite restaurants in a private room.

Luckily my best friend realized what was happening and captured the moment on video. I said yes of course! It was the most emotional and happiest moment of my life. So in the midst of a car accident, planning my birthday party and calling to ask my father for his permission, Stephen also managed to execute this proposal. It went from one of the worst birthdays possible to the absolute best. I am so glad he made sure all the most important people in my life could be there to share this perfect moment with us. We immediately ordered champagne and celebrated! I love him so much and cannot wait to see what our future has in store.

Alyssa and Stephen's Engagement in At one of my favorite restaurants in a private room.

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