Alyssa and Spencer

How We Met

Spencer and I met on Instagram. Long story (somewhat) short, I was searching hashtags of a band and ended up liking one of his photos. He started following me, became interested after seeing my pictures and reading my blog, and asked me on a coffee date by leaving a comment on a picture of me holding Starbucks! He was resourceful and sent me a direct message on Twitter to talk and get my number. We texted for a day or so, talked on the phone for a few hours the next night, then the following weekend he drove 4 hours to meet me at a Starbucks in Nashville, Tennessee. He was living in Indiana at the time, and I was living in Tennessee. After coffee, dinner, and meeting my friends, we went to the Walking Bridge, which overlooks the Cumberland River. He held my hand, we continued to get to know each other, and we talked about the future. I had a good feeling he would be in my life for a while. We dated long distance for 10 months before deciding to move to Arizona, where my family lives, to be closer to each other.

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how they asked

A few days before we were going to move to Arizona, Spencer drove down Nashville with his sisters for one last weekend in the city where we met and fell in love. After working all day and driving 4.5 hours, Spencer and his sisters got to my house a little after midnight. He wanted to go out, which I thought was a little strange since it was so late. I was in a hoodie and my hair was in a messy bun, but he convinced me to change and go out for one last night in Nashville! We ended up going to the Walking Bridge (a special place to us, where we went on our first date) since I had wanted to go there again before we moved. He had told me his sister had a photography project for school and wanted to take pictures of us with the Nashville skyline in the background. We took some pictures, walked across the bridge, then on the way back he stopped and told me to close my eyes. When I opened them, he was on one knee and had a ring in his hand! He popped the question, and of course I said yes!

For an added surprise, I didn’t think he had asked my dad’s permission yet, so I wasn’t expecting the proposal. Little did I know, a month earlier he had flown out to Arizona to meet with my dad and ask for my hand in marriage!

ANOTHER BONUS: Spencer had all of his family drive down from Indiana, my family fly out from Arizona and Texas, and my aunt fly out from California to surprise me the next day for an engagement party at Arrington Vineyards!

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Special Thanks

Amy & Jordan Demos
 | Engagement Pictures (not proposal)