Alyssa and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met 4 years ago on a summer night. There was a meteor shower that night. I was out with friends and we were scouting places to watch the shooting stars. My friends and I visited a few locations that failed due to being to bright from street lights. Finally a friend mentioned she knew of a friend that would not mind us going on his roof to catch a glimpse of the starts. We then headed over and climbed his fence and onto the roof. He came home 30 minutes after we had already been there. To his surprise he had no idea we helped ourselves to his beautiful view of the sky. Instead of reacting in shock or anger he then joined us.

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It was very dark and I could not see his face very well. Although hearing him speak and laughing at his jokes I immediately was interested. We laughed the entire together under the shooting stars. It felt like magic, something from a fairy tale. I thought to myself “This is not how people meet”. I figured I would have to use a dating site to find someone. We had such a wonderful time together I went over again the next night and we stayed up until 4am just laughing and talking. I then spent pretty much the whole summer there. That is how we met and fell in love, under the shooting stars.

how they asked

Ryan and I recently moved to Boston from California. He knew I was missing my family and friends even more so because of the holidays. Ryan told me we were going to New York for a friend’s Christmas party. I did not feeling like going, but he insisted it would help cure my home sickness. Reluctantly I decided to take off work and go to the Christmas party. We met up with our 4 friends (two other couples) the girls got our nails done for the party while the boys went to a brewery. My nails turned out awful and I was feeling bloated. The girls also wanted to stop by the Brooklyn Bridge over looking Manhattan to take Holiday pictures before the party. Lets just say I was not in the mood for pictures or going to a party. Little did I know there was no party! Ryan secretly planned the proposal with help from our friends. Our friend Kate borrowed an amazing camera from work to capture the moment, not for holiday cards.

As we leave for the “Christmas party” I am not in the best spirits. They were rushing me so we could catch the sunset. We then pull over to take our holiday card pictures. Lindsey and Tom take their photos first. Then Ryan and I are up, we smile and pose. I noticed he was very quiet and seemed stiff, I assumed it was because it was 30 degrees out. Kate then said ” Turn and face each other”, taking her direction we did so. Ryan then knelled down on one knee. He said ” I love you, will you please take me from Bub to hub”? (bub is our pet names for each other lol).

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Instantly I teared up and started balling tears of joy. I was shaking and dropped to my feet. It took me about a minute to yes, because I was caught off guard.

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We held each other and for the first time in my life I felt whole. Kate caught the moment on camera. After I asked “Aren’t we going to be late for the party?”, they then told me it was all a hoax. I couldn’t believe Ryan planned this weekend to surprise me with proposing. Its hands down the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. The six of us then went to dinner popped some champagne and celebrated all night.

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I am officially the luckiest girl on earth.

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